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Ellen Larson, note taking while reading lecture on computer Ellen Larson, note taking while reading lecture on computer

    Improve your skills and your resume simultaneously.

    Online Certificate Programs

    Earning certificates can earn you more.

    Graduate certificates can not only increase your value to your current employer, they also are attractive pluses to prospective employers. They reflect a commitment to your profession, showing how you’re driven and determined to advance. Best of all, the credits earned can often count toward a degree earned at a later date.

    Sometimes the best pathway to a graduate degree is to first earn a graduate certificate…or multiple certificates. UW-Whitewater Online’s Certificate Program is an excellent way to update your skills and resume qualifications without the commitment of a full master's degree.

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    • Ranked #11 among regional public universities by U.S. News & World Report
    • Online MBA ranked #25 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report
    • Online Bachelor's ranked #48 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report

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    We know you want to spend your education dollars wisely. Fortunately, UW-Whitewater Online is a superior value and ranked among the best in the nation.

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    Earning a degree through University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Online begins with admissions. Let us help you find your path.

    Online Certificate Programs

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    Applied Behavior Analysis - Online Graduate Certificate

    The Online Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis pairs research and experience to prepare professionals to work with individuals with special learning and behavior needs.

    Ben Klein, studying notes for a UW-Whitewater Online course in a cafe

    Applied Bioinformatics - Online Graduate Certificate

    Strengthen your competitive position, acquire practical knowledge and skills in analyzing and evaluating large and complex data sets, and pursue a Applied Bioinformatics Graduate Certificate from UW-Whitewater Online.

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    Autism Specialist - Online Graduate Certificate

    The Online Autism Specialist Graduate Certificate is ideal for educators who want to increase their understanding of working with children affected with autism.

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    Business Foundations - Online Graduate Certificate

    Whether it’s to increase your understanding of business or for preparing to pursue an MBA or other graduate business degree, a certificate in Graduate Business Foundations is a step in the right direction.

    Ellen Larson, reading book and studying for online class with tablet

    Construction Safety - Online Graduate Certificate

    The online Construction Safety graduate certificate is designed to allow working professionals with a bachelor's degree to acquire construction safety and health knowledge. The coursework will provide a background in construction topics, occupational safety, project management, and negotiation skills. 

    Kayla Kakonis, taking notes and while watching online lecture on tablet

    Corporate Finance - Online Graduate Certificate

    Dive into a high-demand field with the Corporate Finance graduate certificate. Corporate finance is one of the most prominent focal areas within the discipline of finance.

    Claire Olsen, reviewing tablet and reading lecture book

    Cybersecurity Management - Online Graduate Certificate

    The online Cybersecurity Management graduate certificate is designed for working professionals interested in pursuing careers in cybersecurity, such as security analysts and security managers. 

    Kurt Rose, writing notes for online class at cafe

    Data Analytics - Online Graduate Certificate

    Professionals will expand their education and gain knowledge, experience, and a solid foundation in data mining and analytics — skills that will fuel career growth and increase your value in an organization.

    Kurt Rose, reading journal for online class

    Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence - Online Graduate Certificate

    The online Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence graduate certificate will help prepare students for strategic decision-making in the emerging field of digital marketing. Organizations are increasingly reliant on marketing efforts that leverage digital platforms to identify prospects, nurture the conversion from prospect to customer, and establish loyalty advocates.

    Ellen Larson, diligently working at desk with laptop and books

    Dyslexia and Language Based Learning Disabilities - Online Graduate Certificate

    The Online Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia and Language Based Learning Disabilities prepares professionals with an understanding of the neurobiological causes of dyslexia, techniques to skillfully intervene, and proficiencies in evaluating educational needs in reading.

    Carlos Barraza, turning through online lecture notes

    Emerging Technology for Digital Learning - Online Graduate Certificate

    More than ever, emerging technologies are changing the way we do things — and this is no different in learning. Courses in this certificate will give students key skills in understanding current trends (as well as how to keep up with trends), research skills to explore effectiveness of learning technologies, and experience working with emerging learning technologies.

    Kayla Kadonis, writing notes while reading

    Foundations of Learning Design - Online Graduate Certificate

    Knowing how to design learning experiences in today’s world (whether it be in higher education, K12, healthcare, or business) is no easy task. It requires having a full understanding of instructional design theories, practices, models, and learner needs.

    Kurt Rose, taking an online course on a laptop in a cafe

    Gerontology - Online Graduate Certificate

    The Graduate Certificate in Gerontology is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals working in a variety positions and in diverse settings.

    Nicole Pierre, in front of a computer

    Health Advocacy - Online Graduate Certificate

    Explore advocacy, policy, and research to become a specialized health communication professional. 

    Ellen Larson, reading book and studying for online class on laptop

    Human Resource Management - Online Graduate Certificate

    HR professionals often have bachelor’s degrees in non-HR fields. The Human Resource Management (HRM) graduate certificate is designed so they can acquire specific Human Resource Management knowledge in five broad areas.

    Claire Olsen, taking notes for her online class

    Investment Analysis - Online Graduate Certificate

    Gain the knowledge and advanced skills needed to boost your career with an Investment Analysis graduate certificate. Qualified analysts guide companies in valuing financial assets, assessing risk and designing risk management strategies.

    Tom Kind, working on laptop, flipping through notes

    Leadership in Instructional Design and Learning Technology - Online Graduate Certificate

    As online courses and training continues to grow, individuals are needed to develop programs, lead units, and navigate the support of organizational technology change. These courses will focus on helping students to develop new programs and initiatives, prepare for leading learning technology units, and lead change in an organization.

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    Marketing Strategy - Online Graduate Certificate

    Organizations are competing in a global business environment shaped by rapid innovation. The online Marketing Strategy graduate certificate will prepare students to manage marketing strategy and understand how it fits within a comprehensive marketing plan.

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    Mathematics - Online Graduate Certificate

    The Online Mathematics Graduate Certificate at UW-Whiewater is designed to prepare you in advanced approaches to mathematical and statistical reasoning, thinking and literacy.

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    Organizational Communication - Online Graduate Certificate

    Master written communication, research competency and more as you hone your expertise in managing relationships with internal constituencies and explore the nuances of organizational structure.

    Ellen Larson, taking notes for online class using laptop

    Producing Effective Learning Experiences - Online Graduate Certificate

    From courses in higher education to training at businesses, many places are focused on growing digital learning. To do this effectively they need qualified instructional design and learning technology professionals who can plan and produce dynamic, engaging, and effective learning experiences.

    Kurt Rose, writing notes for online class at cafe

    Project Management - Online Graduate Certificate

    Professionals with bachelor’s degrees can gain knowledge, experience, and a solid foundation for managing projects with our Project Management graduate certificate.

    Claire Olsen, reviewing tablet and reading lecture book

    School Business Management - Online Graduate Certificate

    Financial background in accounting, budgeting, and service operations for school districts are essential skills for school administrators and other school business staff. The graduate certificate in School Business Management (SBM) focuses on those skillsets.

    Tom Kind, taking online course on laptop at home

    Social and New Media - Online Graduate Certificate

    Master messaging, technology and strategy to influence your audience.

    Kurt Rose, using a laptop for his online Canvas course

    Strategic Communication - Online Graduate Certificate

    Strategy, influence, research and messaging become your domain in contexts such as advertising, public relations, and crisis communication as you elevate your career to become a global communication practitioner.

    Nicole Pierre, diligently working at desk with laptop and books

    Transition Specialist - Online Graduate Certificate

    The Online Transition Specialist Graduate Certificate prepares educators, independent living professionals, and Transition specialists to work effectively with gifted adolescents and young adults.