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Special Education Online Degree Program

Welcome to the UW-Whitewater Special Education Online Degree Program. The courses will be fully online with monthly real time virtual (WebEx) teaching sessions with instructors during each 8-week course (see Course Schedule Tab).   The virtual Saturday sessions will allow you to have real time discussions with your instructors and classmates.  

The program begins Fall 2019 with a cohort of up to 30 students.  Once this limit is reached, registration will be closed until the next year.  

Why join the SPECED4U program?

  • You have your Associate's Degree (or equivalent) or a Bachelor's degree in a non-licensure field (but aren't interested in pursuing a graduate degree)
  • You work as a para-educator or instructional assistant or have extensive experience working or volunteering in schools and you want to get your special education teaching license.
  • You are comfortable using a computer and learning online.
  • You want to learn from instructors who have practical real-life experiences who will challenge and inspire you.
  • You want to have your own personal program advisor to help guide you through this process.

What if I do not meet the above requirements?

You are welcome to apply for our traditional special education program that has face to face, hybrid and online classes.  In this program, students will take the same courses, but are not required to have an associate's degree, 350 documented experience hours,  a school affiliation document or connection to a school.  Fieldwork placements (including Directed Teaching) will be arranged when you register for those specific courses.

If you believe you have met the equivalent of an Associate's degree (i.e., have taken at least 50 credits of undergraduate general education courses at a technical school, college, or university), please contact Dr. Kolb. If you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree along with special education teacher licensure, please contact Dr. Shannon Stuart at 

Program Coordinator:
Dr. Sharon Kolb


Department of Special Education Program Information:


Winther 5035

How to apply? 

Click on this link to apply to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. 

Information on How to Apply for Transfer Students

How to Apply Visual Directions

Financial Aid 

Cost Estimator

IMPORTANT: When you complete the application, you will need to choose, "Special Education."  Then, in the personal statement /essay section, please include the sentence, "I have been in contact with Sharon Kolb and wish to pursue the SPECED4U program."

What are the next steps? 

Once you have completed your application and submitted your transcripts, the Admissions Office will process your paperwork and create your Academic Advising Report (AAR), which outlines all the program requirements.  Next, your program advisor (Sharon Kolb) will email you and set up a WebEx (online face to face) meeting with you to review your AAR and develop a program plan of courses to complete your degree in special education.  

Admission Requirements for the SPECED4U Program: (Fall Admissions Only - Cohort Model)

1.     Associate's Degree or comparable program from approved accredited college

2.     GPA 2.75 or appropriate ACT/SAT/CORE scores 

3.     Grades of C or better in English 102 or equivalent and COMM 110 or equivalent

4.     Completed 350 documented hours working with children (EDFOUND 210) - Form

5.     School Affiliation document for Fieldwork placements SPECFLD 385, 485, ans 410 - Form

6.     School Affiliation documents for Directed Teaching Placement SPECFLD 489 - Form

STEPS for Program Application and Advising

1.     Go to Transfer Students Admissions Link and submit application

2.     If admission requirements are met, your Academic Advising Report (AAR) will be reviewed to determine any missing coursework needed for program requirements and licensure. *  (SPECED 205 or equivalent - can be taken summer before fall enrollment)

3.     You will be contacted by the SPECED4U coordinator to create a program plan

4.     Apply for Professional Education in first September of program start 

WebEx is a valuable tool for online students.  It allows you to meet with someone through an internet connection with audio and visual capacities and allows you to share a computer desktop or virtual workspace.  Please refer to the university's WebEx webpage for more information

WebEx link for Dr. Sharon Kolb -

SPECED4U Course Schedule (click here for PDF copy)

Special Education Online Program Course Schedule
Suggested timeline:

1.     Apply to UWW and email program coordinator, Dr. Sharon Kolb, for program questions and advising.

2.     Schedule a WebEx advising session with program coordinator/advisor

3.     Register for Fall classes - see timetable for dates 

4.     Get your textbooks - you can visit campus or order online 

5.     Visit UWW to obtain your student ID card = Hawk Card - optional

6.     Complete Canvas Orientation 

7.     Apply for Professional Education your first semester in September 

Required Forms:

1.      Documentation of 350 Experience Hours

2.     School Affiliation Document for Fieldwork

3.     School Affiliation Document for Directed Teaching