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    Online Bachelor’s in Communication - Corporate and Health Communication

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    Today, there is a high demand for communication professionals with advanced skills to provide corporations and the health care industry the needed expertise to communicate strategically both internally and externally. At the community level, health communication professionals design and implement strategies to actively engage consumers in their health. At the corporate level, skilled communicators and change leaders are instrumental in articulating the vision and translating complex business objectives to create meaningful change. Future professionals within this major will lead corporate communication strategy and strive to help health providers and professionals continually improve. These professionals will utilize a vast variety of communication mediums and skills. Practitioners in this field will make a tangible difference in their communities.

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    Online Bachelor’s in Communication - Corporate and Health Communication

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    The Online Bachelor’s in Communication - Corporate and Health Communication (BA/BS) prepares students to capitalize on advancements in technology and emerging markets as professionals with advanced skills who support organizations through strategic communication both internally and externally.

    The fully online program was created in partnership with employers to provide an exceptional learning experience that aligns with the skills companies are looking for in their hires. The coursework is specifically designed to help you prepare for a career that allows you to respond nimbly to opportunities, whether they be in the areas of corporate, non-profit or health communication. Those who select this area of study will learn to conduct trainings, facilitate outreach, and coordinate presentations and events. Students will acquire leadership and team building skills that they will use to impact the lives of people served by their organizations.

      More information on the program structure and courses can be viewed in the Course Catalog.

      Career Outcomes

      Typical careers in this field include patient advocate, strategic communication manager, communication campaign specialist, community relations specialist, director of program development, corporate trainer, coordinator of health education, coordinator of personnel development, communication specialist, corporate event planner, fundraiser, and project manager.  

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      There are several application paths an online bachelor's student might take including as transferreentryfreshman, or second-degree seeking applicants. You may even be an international applicant.

      If you aren’t sure which application path to follow or need help completing the UW-System E-Application, view the Application Tips PDF or complete the Request Information form and a program representative will get in touch with you.

      Transfer applicants

      Transfer applicants are students that have attended another college or university (including having earned an associate degree) but have never attended UW-Whitewater. You will find detailed application and transfer information at University Admissions.

      Reentry applicants

      Reentry applicants are students that have previously attended UW-Whitewater. Application information can be found at University Admissions

      Freshman applicants

      Freshman applicants are students that have never attended a college or university. If you have never attended a college or university, regardless of age, you would be considered a freshman applicant. You can find application information for freshman applicants at University Admissions

      Second-Degree seeking applicants

      Second-Degree seeking applicants are students who have already earned a bachelor's degree and would like to pursue another. If you would like to earn another bachelor’s degree, you can apply to UW-Whitewater’s online bachelor's program as a special student with full credentials. To complete your degree, you would only need to fulfill the College of Letters and Sciences BA or BS requirements and the requirements for the major you choose.

      Unofficial Transcript Review

      Transfer, Reentry, and Second-Degree Seeking students, can request an unofficial transcript review. An unofficial review will give you an idea of which of your credits might transfer and how those transfer credits might apply to the online bachelor's program. To request a review, complete a request more information form and a program adviser will get in touch with you.

      You can also determine potential transfer credit by using Transferology. Transferology is a fast and free way to determine how credits may transfer from one institution to another.

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      The online bachelor’s program at UW-Whitewater is a superior value with courses under $399 USD per credit for Wisconsin resident and under $850 USD per credit as a non-resident for the 2023-24 academic year.

      Visit the Tuition and Fees webpage for complete information.

      Course materials

      Textbook rental is included in the cost of tuition for many courses through the University Bookstore's Textbook Rental program.

      Financial aid

      Students completing a certificate with a degree program may be eligible for financial aid in the form of grants, loans, scholarships, or employment. All of these make up a “Financial Aid Package” and may be offered singly or in various combinations. Since funds are limited, priority for aid is based on financial need and how promptly applications are filed. To find out, or if you have other financial aid questions, contact the financial aid staff person assigned to you or try uwwfao@uww.edu or 262-472-1130.