Schedule a Reinstatement Appointment

      Schedule a Reinstatement Appointment

      How to Schedule a Reinstatement Appointment

      1. Students can stop by the Roseman Building, room 2054 and schedule a ½ hour reinstatement appointment with Nelson Edmonds.
      2. Or
      3. Students can call 262-472-4646 and schedule a ½ hour reinstatement appointment with Nelson Edmonds.
      4. Or
      5. Students can schedule a ½ hour reinstatement appointment with Nelson Edmonds using their Microsoft Outlook Calendar.  The following steps will walk you through this process:

      Step #1

      Once you have opened your Outlook e-mail account, click on the right side of the New button for the drop-down options.  Select Meeting Request from the drop-down choices.

      Note: you must use Internet Explorer.  You cannot use Firefox or other Internet browsers to schedule an appointment.

      Step 1

      Step #2

      Click on 'Required'

      Step 2 picture

      Step #3

      Type in Edmonds, Nelson

      Step #4

      Double-click on my contact information

      Step #5

      Identify a date and time that has an open ½ hour of availability

      Step 3-5

      Step #6

      Enter your first and last name and student ID number in the Subject line.

      Step #7

      Enter your cell phone number here, including the area code.  We use this number to send you a text message reminder the day before your scheduled appointment.

      Step #8

      Enter the Start Time and End Time.  Enter the time and date as determined during Step #5.  Remember, the reinstatement meeting needs to be 30 minutes long. You can manually enter the End Time by clicking on it.

      Step #9

      Leave this checked if you would like a reminder to pop-up some time before the appointment. You can select how much time in advance you want your reminder to pop-up, such as 15 minutes or 24-hours prior to.  Keep in mind that Outlook must be running for the reminder to open.

      Step #10

      This is optional.  However, you can enter a message here if there are particular topics you’d like to bring to your advisor’s attention prior to the meeting.

      Step #11

      Once all is complete, press the Send button in the upper left hand corner.  I will review your request and either accept or decline the proposed meeting.

      Step 6-11


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