UW-Whitewater welcomes qualified students from public and private Wisconsin high schools to apply for the Early College Credit Program to get a jumpstart on their college education.

The Early College Credit Program is a state program with policies and expectations set by the Wisconsin State Legislature. For details, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Admission Requirements and Application Information

Before students submit an application, high school applicants for UW-Whitewater’s Whitewater or Rock County campus need to seek approval from their high school counselor or the school district to earn college credits.

To be eligible to earn early college credit at UW-Whitewater, students must meet the academic requirements for their campus of choice.

UW-Whitewater Campus

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 or ACT score of 22 or higher

UW-Whitewater at Rock County Campus

  • Minimum GPA of 2.0
  1. Download and complete the UW System Early College Credit Form (Download PDF). Approval from a principal, counselor, or high school district to participate in ECCP is required and will be documented on this form. 

    As part of this form, you will be asked to include your desired courses of study. You can view all UW-Whitewater courses through our course catalog. Please meet with your counselor if you need assistance in completing this part of the form. It is recommended that you select multiple course options. (Please return this completed form to your counselor by the following dates for the appropriate term: February 1 for summer courses, March 1 for fall courses, and October 1 for spring courses)

  2. Request a copy of your transcripts from your school counselor. Transcripts should include a current GPA. (Submit class rank, standardized test scores, and AP scores if available.) Transcripts including previous college coursework should be requested if applicable. 

  3. Submit an Undergraduate Universities of Wisconsin Application as an Early College Credit student. Attach both your signed ECCP form & your current transcript(s) to your application file as attachments. 

All documents (high school transcript, test scores and the UW System Early College Credit Form) must be uploaded via the UW Application.

Please note the following deadlines to submit all material to the UW-Whitewater Office of Admissions. The UW-Whitewater deadlines may not be the same as your high school’s deadlines.

  • July 1 for the fall term
  • April 1 for the summer term
  • Dec. 1 for the spring term
  • If a student passes the College Board Exam for an AP course, they may already have earned credit. Students may be able to use those credits to satisfy requirements (or “prerequisites”) for other UW-Whitewater courses.
  • UW-Whitewater has a comprehensive website of Exams for Credit.

Once you are admitted, an ECCP advisor will contact you and communicate the next steps for registering for classes.

Priority is given to degree-seeking students first. We cannot guarantee that all classes will still be available when it is your time to register.

Advising and Student Information

Students with documented disabilities who are looking to request accommodations for their ECCP coursework will do so through the Center for Students with Disabilities Office (CSD) by using their accommodation request portal. If you have any questions on accommodations you may contact them at 262-472-4711 or

High schools will be invoiced $87/credit for most classes. For the College of Business and Economics, the amount is $129.67/credit and for UW-Extension the amount is $150/credit.

Please review the Course Catalog, as it is important to pay attention to prerequisites and/or other course requirements. UW-Whitewater has courses that may require specific class standing or declared major/minor that is non-negotiable. (Class standing refers to college level standing and does not take high school standing into account.)

Course information, availability, and modality varies depending on UW-Whitewater’s course schedule for each semester and is dependent upon courses available at the participating high school districts.

ECCP participants will be able to review all available course offerings prior to registration. Please contact academic advising with any questions at

Click here for a list of common courses previous ECCP students have taken.

If the classes on your approved sheet are full and you do not have any other pre-approved class options from your school district, we may be able to assist you in registering for other classes. However, you will first need to connect with your school counselor, administrator, and/or school board after registering to seek approval for the alternative course or courses you enrolled in. If a course is denied, you will need to find another course or you will be required to pay out of pocket.

Students may drop one course or withdraw from all courses within the published deadlines. A DROP is when a student drops one or some classes within term. A WITHDRAWAL FROM TERM is when a student drops ALL classes within a term.

Things to Remember

  • Withdrawing from a term drops all classes.
  • You will only be able to withdraw from a term you are enrolled in.
  • Continuously check your Checklist, Student Account Holds, and Student Account balance on WINS, as charges can incur during the term and shortly thereafter.
  • If you are an international student or student-athlete or receive financial aid, veteran and/or other benefits, please meet with the appropriate official before withdrawing. There may be legal, certification, and/or repayment penalties associated with the withdrawal.
  • If you have completed one or more classes prior to requesting a withdrawal for the term, the withdrawal will be processed only for the remaining in-progress classes. Completed classes and grades (including incomplete grades) will remain on your academic record.
  • The withdrawal process may take up to 48 hours for processing; the day the Registrar's Office receives your withdrawal is the official date of the withdrawal. If you have missed the deadline for withdrawal you may appeal by submitting a Last Day to Withdraw Appeal and appropriate documentation to the Registrar's Office.

FERPA is a federal law that affords students certain rights regarding their educational records.

  • The right to inspect their own education records
  • The right to restrict the release of their records
  • All rights of access to their records, regardless of age


  • Parents and guardians do not have the right to access a student’s UW-Whitewater education records without their permission.
  • UW-Whitewater officials must protect the privacy of education records and will not disclose confidential information without a student’s written consent (except as permitted by law).
  • High school officials must not share a student’s UW-Whitewater record with others, including parents, without the student’s written consent.

At the end of each semester you will receive a grade for the courses you took. As a UW-Whitewater student, you are responsible for checking your grades. If your high school needs an unofficial transcript, you are able to request one on your own (UW-Whitewater does not send transcripts to high schools on behalf of the student). Please follow the directions here to request your transcript.

Parking is available for a daily fee on the UW-Whitewater campus. You can also get a parking permit via the parking website. Parking is free on the Rock County campus.

Placement testing may be required for certain disciplines such as English, math, science, foreign language, computer science, etc. Students may also submit their ACT, SAT, or AP test scores for possible placement into classes as well. These should all be sent to the UW-Whitewater Office of Admissions.

For placement testing, register at our Placement Website. Results of the placement test and corresponding course placement will allow students to register for classes when they meet with ECCP advisors. Students are allowed to repeat the Math Placement Test one time, and it must be repeated by appointment at UW-Whitewater after regional testing has concluded. (Any exception to this policy is at the discretion of the testing director.)

***Important note for test takers with a disability requesting accommodations on the UW Placement Test: various accommodations have been built into the online, unproctored placement exams.***

For more information, please click here or contact Tim O'Connor at the Center for Placement Testing at

All students at UW-Whitewater must follow prerequisite requirements for a course. If a course has prerequisites it will be noted under class detail and enrollment requirements. Prerequisites are normally non-negotiable.

Textbook Rental, which is available from our University Bookstore, is included in the ECCP fee. Students will need their class schedule, HawkCard, and ECCP coupon to pick up their book/course materials, which they can obtain in person or online.

In-Person Whitewater Campus Students
The Textbook Rental location is in the lower level of the University Bookstore, located at 724 W. Starin Road in Whitewater. For questions, call 262-472-1302.

In-Person Rock Campus Students
The University Bookstore for Rock County is located in Smith Hall, located at 2909 Kellogg Ave. in Janesville.

Online Students
Place any books in the cart and enter “ECCP Student” in the section titled “Additional Instructions.” Books that require shipping will be subject to a mailing fee of $8.99 plus a $1.00 service fee. ECCP does not cover these extra charges.

Prior to registering for the term, students are required by the university to accept the terms and conditions.

If you are 18 or older, this can be accepted in WINS by completing these steps:

  • Log into WINS.
  • Click Student Financial Account > Terms & Conditions.
  • Click View/Accept for the appropriate term and ACCEPT.

If you are under the age of 18, the following link must be completed by a legal guardian along with the above steps in WINS.

ECCP Questions? Contact us!

Office of Admissions
Allison Annala, admissions counselor

Whitewater Campus Advising
Tayana Tornes, ECCP academic advisor

Rock County Campus Advising
Stacy Randall, academic advisor