Affordability. We know that’s one of the most important factors in choosing a college.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is proud to offer the most affordable tuition among all schools in the UW System — and a list of amenities that will save you significantly on textbooks, transportation and more.

Named Best Value in the UW System

When you’re comparing college costs, it’s important to consider more than the listed tuition and fees. Your out-of-pocket expenses can vary greatly depending on financial aid eligibility, as well as what’s included with tuition, fees, and housing expenses.

At UW-Whitewater, we’re committed to keeping your education affordable. Including textbooks in your tuition and covering some of your everyday living expenses saves you and your family money — and these extras are one more way we support you academically and socially.

What makes UW-Whitewater the best value?

Stack of white books on blue background.

The textbook rental program covers 95% of course materials

White tickets on a green background.

Free admission to regular season sporting events

White shuttle, printer and laundry on orange background.

Laundry, printing, and shuttle service are all included in housing fees

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80% of students receive financial aid

An overview of University of Wisconsin-Whitewater cost and fees for undergraduate programs:

Average undergraduate annual tuition and fees

Tuition and Fees Housing (double occupancy) Meal Plan (14 meals/week) Total Compared to
Wisconsin Resident $7,734 $4,344 $2,695 $14,773 $15,628  *(average for WI)
Nonresident  ** $16,606 $4,344 $2,695 $23,645  
Minnesota Resident $8,755 $4,344 $2,695 $15,794  
Return to Wisconsin  *** $12,814 $4,344 $2,695 $19,853  

*Average total annual cost for UW System comprehensive universities, excluding UW-Whitewater. Source:  uwhelp.wisconsin/edu
**Nonresident scholarships offer an annual reduction of tuition based on merit. Students who meet specific academic criteria will automatically qualify at the time of admission. These scholarships are renewable and valid for a maximum of eight semesters (fall and spring only). To renew this scholarship, you must maintain a 3.0 GPA as a UW-Whitewater student.
***Discount for nonresident students whose parent or grandparent received a degree from UW-Whitewater

A look at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater tuition for graduate programs:

Average graduate tuition and fees

  Full Time* Per Credit
Wisconsin Resident $4,463.54 $495.95
Non-resident $9,212.75 $1,023.64
Graduate Business – Resident $4,853.46 $539.27
Graduate Business – Nonresident $9,711.75 $1,079.08
Graduate Business – Online** (per credit only) $637.43
Graduate Computer Science – Resident $5,146.10 $596.53
Graduate Computer Science – Nonresident $9,816.02 $1,090.67

 *9 or more credits
**Regardless of residency
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