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Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Academic Support Center, a learning organization where tutees and tutors continually expand their capacities to learn and grow.

We offer academic assistance and enrichment utilizing a peer-driven, cooperative learning model. Our learning assistants work with both small groups and clients in one-on-one sessions. During these sessions, interaction is stressed as the learning assistant guides and mentors the client through the area in question until he or she feels comfortable with it.

There is no cost for using the services. We work with all University of Wisconsin-Whitewater students free of charge.

Using the Academic Support Center is akin to practicing preventative medicine: if you consult us soon enough and often enough, we probably can help you survive and thrive academically. If you let your school work slide and wait too long before seeking our assistance, we may not be able to save you.

The Academic Support Center is located in the lowest level of McCutchan Hall. The staff of our Public Relations office, housed centrally in Room 7, can answer any questions you may have; either call 262-472-1230 or stop by during its hours of operation.

Campus Tutorial Services is offering a wide range of assistance for 2016 Fall Semester.

Campus Tutorial ServicesCampus Tutorial Services
Fall 2016 (Sept 7 - Dec 23)
Monday - Thursday   8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday   8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Sunday   6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (in Anderson 2120)

We can also be reached by e-mail at

The list to the left shows the content areas we currently offer support for. Please click on the appropriate link for further information. If you are in need of assistance for a subject we don't offer, please call 262-472-1230.

The Academic Support Center opens for the Fall 2016 semester on September 7th at 8 a.m. 


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Congratulations to Olivia Bergman, Qining Fan, Chris Hatcher, Lauren Lanphere, Jenna McMillan, Tayana Tornes, and Peter Truell for your acceptance to graduate programs. We know each of you will succeed in your endeavors.

We would also like to extend a congratulations to tutors and members of the office staff who made Dean's List during the Fall 2015 semester.

Dean's ListDean's List

Samantha Abbott

Emily Gorski

Madison Smith

Ban Ahmed

Chelsea Haffele

Christine Panella

Perdo Aranda

Steven Hass

Leah Ritcher

Carol Alvarez

Justin Henry  

Nicholas Ritcher

Samuel Averill

Sarah Isberner

Daniel Richard

Jessica Ayres

Lauren Kats

Dustin Rondeau  

Blaise Arens

Kaya Kloth

Owen Thompson

Alexis Baker

Emily Knoerr

Mindy Thao

Katie Barker

Corissa Kressin

Matthew Sobczak

Haley Baltes

Brooke Lacrosse

Jennyfer Sedall  

Ashley Bartlett

Katelyn Lofgren

Ashley Sheafor 

Katlynn Benitez

Nana Maiga

Mathew Sheahan

Jennifer Bradley

Josef Maurer

Emily Sodemann

Nicole Burke

Lisa Lang

Wendy Spencer

Angela Brandl

Matthew Sobczak

Madison Smith

Emily Clifford

Colton Larsen

Elijah Schumacher

Lindsay Colwell

Nichole Lattin

Cesar Tamayo

Margaret Connelly

Emily Leclair

Grace Devine 

Aileen Molina

Carolyn Conroy

Rachel Lewandowski

Clay Cusek

Dayna Mohr

Amanday Danno

Mary Montanye

Allison Dawson

Samuel Newton

Joshua Day

Stephanie Nigon

Amanda Dick

Josef Maurer

Katherine Dondlinger

Amanda McCormick

Natalie Gerloff

Robert Padgett

Christian Eiler

Ben Pike


Rachel Fehrman

Jordan Myers

Aracelis Figueroa

Phuong Nguyen

Anna Fry

Jennifer Tito

Erica Haglund

Heather Rhoades

Haley Hentrich

Alyssa Pals

Sarah Fuerstenberg

Daniel Richard

Congratulations to all of our tutors who participated in UWW Undergraduate Research Day on March 16, 2016!

UWW Undergraduate Research DayUWW Undergraduate Research Day
Samantha Abbott     Biological Sciences
Haley Baltes Humanities & Sociology
Amanda Danno Biological Sciences
Amanda Dick Humanities & Sociology
Christian Eiler Business & Professional Studies
Daniel Lollar Physical Sciences & Mathematics
Katrina Monson Biological Sciences
Noah Padgett Physical Sciences & Mathematics
Heather Rhoades Biological Sciences
Matthew Schield Physical Sciences & Mathematics
Diarra Wo'se Biological Sciences
Brent Zey Oral Presentation