Hazardous Waste Management Policy

Revised: August 31, 2007

The Hazardous Waste Management Policy is established to aid the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in achieving and maintaining compliance with the hazardous waste regulation, NR 661 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. The NR 661 requirements include locating the waste sources on campus, evaluating the waste characteristics and controlling the substance from generation to final treatment and disposal.

The Director of Risk Management & Safety serves as the Hazardous Waste Coordinator for the University. The Coordinator will manage the campus hazardous waste program and act as liaison with the UW System Administration and hazardous waste generators on campus.

All hazardous waste is to be disposed of using only the contracts and contractors that have been approved by UW System Administration. Contracts currently in place are for waste incineration, landfill, management of highly reactive/explosive materials, and analytical testing. All waste shipments and contractor scheduling are coordinated with UW System Administration to reduce costs and maximize scheduling. Waste will be treated or disposed of only using facilities and sites that have been approved by UW System Environmental Health and Safety staff.

No university institution or employee is to accept donated hazardous substances or chemicals from outside sources without notification to the Hazardous Waste Coordinator and development of a written plan exists for the use of the entire quantity within six months of its receipt. No university institution or employee shall be permitted accept hazardous wastes from a person or organization external to the University.

Hazardous substances and chemicals should be purchased in amounts commensurate with normal consumption rates. Excessive procurements of hazardous chemicals eventually creates large volumes of wastes that can endanger campus safety and the University's EPA/DNR regulatory status. The campus Hazard Communication Program requires that each employing unit of the University that uses or stores hazardous chemicals to obtain Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) from the manufacturer or distributor. A copy of each MSDS obtained must be routed to the campus Risk Management and Safety Office for inclusion in the master MSDS file and entry into the master Chemical Inventory system.

Questions regarding biological, chemical, radioactive or infectious waste should be directed to the Office of Risk Management and Safety at 1856.