Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention and Intervention

Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention and Intervention

Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention and Intervention

Early identification and treatment of substance abuse is in the best interest of the university, students, and employees. Students and employees who have concerns with alcohol or other drug use are encouraged to contact the AODA Counselor for an assessment and/or a referral to counseling or treatment programs.

The University provides a variety of services for students and UW-Whitewater employees. It provides consultation, assessment, counseling and referral services. It provides and distributes guidelines and information about the university's alcohol and other drug use policy, state and federal laws and penalties for violation, and information about risks from misusing alcohol and other drugs. Voluntary contacts with the AODA Counselor remain strictly confidential. The UW-Whitewater AODA Counselor may be reached at the University Health & Counseling Services by calling (262) 472-1305. University Health and Counseling Services also has available educational programs, pamphlets and posters on a wide variety of issues related to alcohol and other drug use. Many items are free of charge and may be obtained by contacting the AODA Educator at 262-472-1305.

The Wisconsin Department o Health Services provides contact information for County Human Service Departments that provide substance abuse treatment resources.  To view the list of departments visit,


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