Career & Leadership Development

Student Involvement

IMPACT is a student organization for all students of all gender expressions, sexual and romantic identities. IMPACT provides students with a safe, confidential, and open space for discussion, support, and activism. The IMPACT e-board organizes weekly educational and social meetings on Tuesday at 6pm, and holds office hours in the Warhawk Connection Center.

The queer and trans people of color student group is intended to create awareness for and activism around queer intersectional identities. Message their Facebook page if you are interested in getting involved!

The Pride Center hires and mentors six undergraduate students as Peer Educators to serve on interactive panels for classrooms and other educational events. Peer Educators are trained to facilitate difficult conversations, hold a safe space, and share their experiences with being LGBTQ or an Ally.



The Pride Center hires and mentors four undergraduate students as Pride Center interns to staff and support the Pride Center. Interns are self-motivated students interested in event planning, LGBTQ advocacy, and intersectional social justice.

Instagram: @uww_prc