Educational Foundations


The Department of Educational Foundations offers undergraduate and graduate courses providing the underpinnings of teacher education: diversity, philosophy, history, human development, educational psychology, learning, motivation, assessment, research, statistics, motivation and classroom management, technology and information literacy, and related areas. The Challenging Advanced Learners, Library Media, Urban Education, and Standards and Assessment programs are also housed in Educational Foundations.

To be admitted into Professional Education, students are required to take a 9 credit foundations block. The foundations block introduces students to the portfolio, another requirement which consists of artifacts (evidence) of philosophy, reflective narrative, diversity and learning and development.The department also offers initial professional level licensure in school library media through an undergraduate minor, a graduate degree, or courses taken only for licensure.native american

Mission Statement
The mission of the department is to foster the development of foundational knowledge, skills, and dispositions most vital to the future work of outstanding educators.  Our focus is to identify common core experiences that provide the basis for informed, reflective, and efficacious practice, while also providing specialized preparation for various educational professionals.