Lana Collet-Klingenberg Associate Professor

  • Office Location: Winther 5038
  • Phone: (262) 472-5380
  • Email:
  • Department(s): Special Education
Lana Collet-Klingenberg


  • Ph.D. 1996, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education, Dissertation: The Reality of Best Practices in Transition: A Case Study of the Transition Process in One Secondary Special Education Program
  • M.S. 1990, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL, Special Education, Thesis: Facilitating Social Skills Using the Cognitive-Process Approach
  • B.S. 1988, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Special Education


  • Educational best practice, practice-based research, and evidence-based practices in the areas of autism and transition
  • Relationship and effective teaching & learning
  • Educator retention and how it applies to teacher prep


  • Collet-Klingenberg, L., & Hanley-Maxwell, C. (2011). Introduction, background, and history. In C. Hanley-Maxwell, & L. Collet-Klingenberg (Eds.), Education: Disability Key Issues and Future Directions (2 – 54)Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Reference.
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  • Stansberry-Brusnahan, L.L. & Collet-Klingenberg, L.L. (2010). Evidence-based practices for young children with autism spectrum disorders: Guidelines and recommendations from the National Resource Council and National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders. International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education, 2(1), 45 – 56. [Acceptance Rate 80%]
  • Collet-Klingenberg, L., Neitzel, J., & LaBerge, Julie. (in press). Power-PALS (Peers Assisting, Leading, Supporting): Implementing A Peer-Mediated Intervention in a Rural Middle School Program. Rural Special Education Quarterly.


  • Coordinator - Graduate Transition Certificate Faculty Associate
  • Coordinator (Together We Teach)
  • Instructor - UWW Learning Communities
  • Chair - Treatment Intervention Advisory Committee (TIAC): Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, Division of Long Term Care, Department of Health Services, State of Wisconsin