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Hawk Squad

Hawk Squad members are resources to prospective students, new students and family members regarding academic programs, student services and co-curricular activities. Hawk squad members serve as ambassadors for UW-W during all Plan-It Purple orientation programs, leading new students throughout their orientation experience. The Hawk Squad serve as members of the host team for Warhawk Send-Offs, Club U-Dub-Dub and TRANSFERmation (fall orientation programs), as well as family fest. Hawk Squad members also star in the You Tube video series, "FYE4U" and other video productions for new students.

Interested in being a part of the 2016 Hawk Squad?

If so, here is some important information:

  • You must have a minimum of 2.800 GPA and maintain this minimum while employed.
  • Position is a one year term from 1/22/2016-1/12/2017 with a $2,900 stipend
  • Responsibilities
  • Important Dates (Must be available for all events and programming)
  • Application - Closed!
  • Reference form Two references are required. One must be from a UW-W professional staff member (Reference form will be available to complete until Friday)
  • Contact Amberly Bell if you have any questions

Applications are due Monday, November 9, 2015

Meet the 2015 Hawk Squad