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The Purple Pit Crew (PPC) is a volunteer team that works behind the scenes to deliver Club U Dub-Dub! This team of students works alongside the Hawk Squad to prepare for the incoming freshman class to arrive. The PPC assists with the set-up and delivery of Club U Dub-Dub events. The Purple Pit Crew is responsible for passing down the "R U Purple" tradition, including the painting of Warhawk Drive, to incoming freshman and transfer student class. This leadership opportunity is a great way to get involved, have fun with other students, and shift your leadership experience at UW-Whitewater into high gear. All members of the Purple Pit Crew receive the signature PPC t-shirts and hat and get to move in early!

Application Process

    • Application now closed!

Important Dates

      • Application Deadline Friday April 17th 12:30 P.M.
      • PPC Interview: Monday, April 20th - Friday, April 24th
      • Email Notification to Candidates regarding status: Monday, April 27th
      • Meet the Team: Friday, May 1st from 3:30-4:30 PM (UC 262)
      • PPC Summer Training: Monday, August 24th - Thursday, August 27th
      • Club U Dub Dub Check in: Sunday, August 30th
      • Club U Dub Dub 2015: Monday, August 31st and Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Purple Pit Crew