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Plan-It Purple

At this program, you will:

  • Get to know other new Warhawks
  • Learn important information about the campus to help you prepare for your education at UW-W
  • Connect with an academic advisor to discuss your academic options
  • Register for your classes for the semester
  • Begin building connections that will help you become a successful student                             

Plan-It Purple is required for all transfer students and is a full day program from 8:00am until 4:00pm. You must participate in the entire program in order to register for your classes: when completing your Plan-It Purple registration, please select a date which will allow for your full participation for the duration of the program.

Plan-It Purple Registration

If you are planning to attend UW-Whitewater in the Spring 2016 semester, you may begin registering for Plan-It Purple on October 1st via your WINS account. Please register for Plan-It Purple once you have committed to attending UW-Whitewater as the registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE ($50 for student and $15 per guest).

How to register for Plan-It Purple
*Mobile devices are not compatible          
1. Log on to WINS
2. Click on "Student Center" (left side panel)
3. Click on "UWW Applications" 
4. Click on "Plan-It Purple"
5. Click on "Reserve a Date"

If you are planning to attend UW-Whitewater in the Fall 2016 semester,
Plan-It Purple registration will open on March, 1 2016


Your UW-Whitewater email address is your formal communication with the university. All bills, notifications, confirmations and emergency updates will be sent via email (you can not forward your UWW email to another email account). You must check your UWW email daily. We encourage you to install it on your smartphone.

Enrollment Deposit

New UW-Whitewater undergraduate students are required to pay a one-time $100 enrollment deposit. This deposit remains on account during your enrollment at the university. The deposit is never applied to your fees, rather it rolls forward to the next term as a deposit for that term. It is refundable upon request when you separate from UW-Whitewater. You will pay this when you register for Plan-It Purple.

Please contact Students Accounts regarding the Enrollment Deposit at 262-472-1373.


If you have been informed that you need to take a placement test please contact the UW-Whitewater Testing Office at 262-472-5613.


Sessions for Transfers

Spring 2016 Semester

If you are planning to attend UW-Whitewater in the Spring 2016 semester, Plan-It Purple registration will open on October 1, 2015. The deadline to register is Thursday, January 9th at 11:59pm. 

Plan-It Purple dates for transfer students attending during the Spring 2016 semester:

Friday, November 20*                (deadline: Nov. 15 at 11:59pm)

Friday, December 4                (deadline: Nov. 29 at 11:59pm)

Thursday, January 14                (deadline: Jan. 9 at 11:59pm)

* Sophomore, Junior and Senior statuses only

You must attend Plan-It Purple in order to enroll in classes.