Application Development

Application Development is available to departments, colleges, business units and centers. The service includes defining client requirements, writing specifications and design, developing, testing and integrating enterprise level software across the UW-Whitewater campus.

This service includes the development and support of the following software: 

  • WINS 
  • TouchNet ImageNow 
  • Interactive Reporting/Hyperion 
  • Resource25 
  • Web Applications 
  • Interfaces with 3rd Party systems

Some examples of Application Development include HR Change of Status and Online Scholarship Submission.

Application Development requests can be made by contacting the TSC Helpdesk at 262-472-HELP(4357) or via email at

Requests should include the following information:

Types of Request

Information to Include

Access to applications

  1. Supervisor’s name. We will need the supervisor to approve the request before you are granted access.
  2. Identify which application you want access to.
  3. Provide a justification for the access

Process related issues

Contact information, application, nature of the issue


Include additional details of your areas of interest