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Desire2Learn (D2L) is an online learning platform used to deliver online courses and enhance traditional, face-to-face, and hybrid/blended courses. D2L provides "anytime, anywhere" access to course materials, such as syllabi, readings, and multi-media files, as well as course tools such as electronic dropboxes, ePortfolios, online quizzes, and grades.

All current teaching faculty and instructional staff automatically have an account on D2L. You can login to your D2L account using your UW-Whitewater Net-ID.

To access D2L, please visit:

Requesting Courses

D2L course creation is not automatic and must be requested by the instructor of record as reflected in the WINS system. To request a course offering in D2L, please go to the D2L Course Request Site. UW-W D2L Support cannot take course requests via email or by any other means. The D2L Course Request system also allows faculty and staff to request a non-timetable course, which are typically used for course development or special circumstances.

Request for Courses


The D2L eGrading process allows instructors to transfer final grades from their D2L gradebook to their WINS Grade Roster with just a few mouse clicks. This greatly streamlines the grade submission process at the end of the semester for those instructors who use the D2L gradebook.

Transfer Grades to WINS

D2L Instructor News

Issues, questions, or problems can be reported to UW-Whitewater D2L Support through the D2L Support Form. If you haven't done so already, you may want to use the Check Your System function to make sure your computer is configured to work with D2L.

Check Your System   Contact D2L Support

Instructors may also contact the Learning Technology Center (LTC) for assistance with D2L.  A D2L walk-in clinic is also held in the LTC every Friday from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM during the fall and spring semesters.

D2L Support Expectations

Every effort is made to answer your message within 1 business day of receipt. Please understand that response turn-around time is dependent on the complexity of the problem, investigation, problem solving, and communication that may occur to resolve the issue.

D2L staff monitors support requests during off-hours and weekends for critical issues. All non-critical issues are answered the next business day.

The D2L Instructor User Guide provided from Desire2Learn includes instructions on most of the basic functions for tools within D2L. Additional D2L resources are available through the D2L Instructor FAQ, which covers most of the frequently asked instructor questions about D2L, and D2L Video Tutorials, which show the basics on tools within D2L.

D2L User Guide   D2L Instructor FAQ   D2L Video Tutorials

D2L Training

Available D2L workshops can be found through the My@UWW Signup application.