IT Security

IT Security Tips

  2. Use strong unique passwords and change them often.
  3. Keep your software versions up to date.
  4. Use anti-virus software. Download Symantec here:
  5. Lock your computer or device when you are away from it.
  6. Don’t click on links in emails from unknown senders.
  7. Beware of unknown browser pop-ups or links. They often contain malicious software downloads.

Phishing Email Traits

  1. Misspelling and bad grammar
  2. Suspicious links within the email
  3. Threats or rewards - e.g. your account will be closed or you’ve won a prize
  4. Spoofing popular websites or companies
  5. An urgent call to action – e.g. you must act now

Mobile Device Tips

  1. Password protect your phone
  2. Read vendor privacy policies before downloading apps
  3. Don’t store sensitive data that isn’t needed. This includes confidential data in your email account that auto-syncs with your phone
  4. Do not auto-login or store passwords on your phone
  5. Encrypt your phone
  6. Be wary of wireless networks and service connectivity
  7. Try mobile antivirus software or scanning tools
  8. Use GPS tracking wisely
  9. Be physically aware of your mobile device