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Online Syllabi

Online Syllabi

Online Syllabi / Integrated Course Listing

Integrated Course Listing allows campus community and online visitors to browse a complete list of UW-Whitewater course offerings, with detailed information, including catalog descriptions, meeting times, and syllabi. The website also includes an integrated Syllabi Application, which allows UW-Whitewater instructors and administrative staff to upload and manage online syllabi for their courses.

You can also find a complete list of courses on the Registar's Schedule of Classes website.

For assistance with online syllabi, please contact the TSC Help Desk.

Resources Available for Syllabi Application

Although the operation of the Integrated Course Listing is largely self-explanatory, additional support is available for the Syllabi Application. Both printed documentation, and several short videos are available to instructors and staff who need to upload and manage online syllabi. Because syllabi can only be uploaded to the application as PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files, we have also included videos that show how to create PDF files using popular office software installed on most computers on campus (Microsoft Word 2013 for WindowsWord 2011 for Mac, and Apple Pages for Mac).


How-To Videos

Videos are available for UW-Whitewater instructors and administrative staff with information about creating PDF files from common office applications, and step-by-step information about uploading and managing online syllabi (also available as a Vimeo Channel, or downloadable files on iTunes U - this link will launch iTunes application on your computer).

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