Phones (Cisco VoIP)

UW-Whitewater uses a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to provide voice communication services on campus. VoIP provides a number of options and features, including unified communications where voicemail is integrated with your email and instant messenger (Jabber). Phone settings, contacts/speed dial settings, and voicemail settings are all accessible via the web. 

Personalization and Configuration

UW-Whitewater offers four VoIP phone models, depending on the necessary functionality. Each phone offers a wide range of capabilities.

Phone Configuration

  • Access your phone settings at
  • Configure phone speed dials and assign them to available line buttons on your phone.
  • Enable/Disable call forwarding on your phone.
  • Enable/Disable Do Not Disturb on your phone to mute the phone's ringer while you are busy.

Voicemail Configuration

  • Messaging Assistant
      • Manage voice mail settings and recorded greetings
  • Web Inbox
      • View, play, and delete your voice mail messages from an easy to use web interface.
      • Forward voice mails to another user.

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