IRB & Human Subjects

Research projects that involve human subjects will require review by the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Institutional Review Board (IRB) to determine if you have employed adequate measures to protect the participants involved in your study.


Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool available for use by all UW-Whitewater students, faculty, and staff.

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Qualtrics Support and Online Resources

For Technical help, please see the options below:

Call 1 800 340 9194 (Eastern Standard Time)
24 hr. Support: Sun 5PM – Fri 8PM
Sat 11AM – 7PM


  • SUBMIT Button: Don't surprise your users, let them know when they're about to submit their survey.
  • Question Numbers: Tired of having your question numbers "out of order"?  Simply re-number them. 
  • Collaborate: Need to share a survey with campus users? Make sure they've already created their Qualtrics account then assign rights.


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