Hello Students. You're probably looking for a lot of information on how to use Textbook Rental. Well most of that is going to be found over on our FAQ Page and our Policies Page. But since you're here we'd like to leave you a few thoughts and some advice about the Rental Program ...

Our best advice during Checkout Week ... 1) It isn't nearly as busy as it looks.  2) We have or will always get enough books for everyone so that you don't have to panic or feel like this.

Our best advice during Returns Week ... 1) Please, ask for help if you need it putting your books away! It can take a little time and effort but we want you to be aware there is a $5 per book charge for dumped books.  2) Seriously, it doesn't take as long as some people think it does. 


Moraine Hall - Lower Level
724 W. Starin Road
Whitewater, WI 53190

Contact Information

Phone: (262) 472-1302
Fax: (262) 472-1383
E-mail Us!
(262) 472-5637

General Hours

During the semester, Textbook Rental hours are 8 AM - 4:15 PM M-F.  The Textbook Rental is closed on weekends.