Undergraduate Research Program
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Poster Nominations

Evaluation of Growth Mindset Study Strategy Videos
Students: Sara Klimisch, Jamie Meyer, Lindsey Gosse
Mentors: Lynn Gilbertson

The Wall Street Journal Case Study
Students: Haley Lechner, Colin Deady, Melissa Khalil, Matt Young, Alyssa Van Altena, Lauren Roloff
Mentors: Pavan Chennamaneni, Andrew Dahl, Jimmy Peltier

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Awareness and Training Among Staff and Nurses in WI
Students: McKinzie Comer
Mentors: Lynn Gilbertson

Comparison and Calibration Guide for Six Respiratory Muscle Strength Devices for Patients and Clinicians
Students: Seth Zorn, Skyler Wilson, Kayla Foster, Alyssa Altobelli
Mentors: Michael Hammer

Evictions in Rural Communities
Students: Andrea Crase
Mentors: Jolly Emrey, Jonah Ralston

Auditory-Vocal Control Systems Are Affected by Predictive Processing Within Extended Time Ranges
Students: Oleg Korzuykov, Yunseon Lee, Alexander Bronder, Michael Wagner, Valentina Gumenyuk, Taylor Frodel
Mentors: Michael Hammer

Bioelectrical Markers of Deficiency in Re-orienting of Attention in Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Students: Oleg Korzuykov, Valentina Gumenyuk, Natalie Tapaskar, Michael Wagner, Taylor Frodel
Mentors: Michael Hammer

Vaping On Campus and in the Community - What Are They Doing and Why?
Students: Alexis Nelson, Lauren Vander Linden, Hannah Sake, Morgan Smarzinski, Seth Zorn
Mentors: Michael Hammer

Intent Matters – Laryngeal Mechanosensory Evidence of Efference Copy with Voice and Intent to Voice
Students: Taylor Frodel, Stephanie Palm
Mentors: Michael Hammer

Automatic, unconscious facial mimicry influences emotional language comprehension
Students: Alexis Aney, Graeme Langely, Ericka Shaeffer
Mentors: David Havas

Longitudinal Associations between Siblings’ Technology-Mediated Communication and Relationship Quality during Emerging Adulthood
Students: Brittany Redden
Mentors: Anna Lindell

Usage of RFID and NFC Technologies in Integrated Environments
Students: Jake Krueger
Mentors: Sungchul Lee

Transgenic Rescue of Ce-daf-16 with Bma-daf-16
Students: Melanie Domann
Mentors: Kirsten Crossgrove

Tattoo: Merging of Cultures Upon Skin
Students: Juliet King
Mentors: Bethann Moran-Handzlik

Using Atmospheric Plasma to Coat Biomedical Implants with an Anti-Fouliing Solution
Students: Isaiah Morales
Mentors: Jalal Nawash

Intergenerational Experiences: Stories of Interactions Between Young Children and Older Adults
Students: Tally Blanton, Taryn Ciochon, and Laura Joseph
Mentors: Simone DeVore

Phosphorylation dependent function of a FOXO transcription factor from the parasitic nematode Brugia malayi
Students: Matthew Schulgit
Mentors: Kirsten Crossgrove

Adirondack State Park: Acorn, Mouse, Snake, and Tree Predator Prey Population Analysis
Students: Christine Brasic, Taylor Wollenberg
Mentors: Aditi Ghosh

The Role of ST2/IL-33 pathway in Ugandan Children with Severe Malaria
Students: Pontian Adogamhe

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