Types of Classes

Types of Classes

Types of classes offered

  • General Education

    Students are required to complete the General Education and Diversity Requirements as part of the requirements for graduation. If Developmental Studies courses are required, they must be completed before enrolling in the subsequent General Education course.

  • Art Courses

    This includes Art Studio and Art History classes.

  • Music Courses

    Various musical groups are open to all students, including choirs and instrumental groups.

  • Diversity Courses

    These classes meet the diversity requirement for a bachelor's degree.

  • GL/GM (lab & non-lab)

    Students can enroll in these natural science and mathematics courses.

  • GA, GE, GH, GI, GS (electives)

    General education electives in the arts (GA), race and ethnic cultures or women's studies (GE), humanities (GH), interdisciplinary (GI), physical education (GP), and social sciences (GS) are offered.

  • International Courses

    These courses fulfill the international requirement for students in the College of Business.

  • Physical Sciences

    Each of these classes is designed for education majors and meets the PI-34 Physical Science requirement.


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