How to Apply

Here are the steps that you will need take in order to be considered for the program (please note that at this time we are expecting to close the application process once we reach twenty people who have been accepted to the College of Education and Professional Studies).

  1. Apply to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (by doing so, your transcripts will be reviewed).You must apply to the University by May 1st for consideration for summer enrollment.  The application process costs $44.
  2. Take the Praxis Core.  You must take and pass this test prior to turning in your paperwork for the College of Education. In order to be considered for admission to the College of Education, all students must pass all three parts.  There are other requirements as well but this requirement takes some planning and preparation in order to fulfill. THIS TEST HAS REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS.
  3. Apply to the College of Education. There is a great deal of information on this website - including all forms and policies.  Please read through it carefully. Application for ECE4U begins during the Spring Semester. Specific application dates are included on the COE web page.

With the required materials a Professional Education Admission eligibility form must be signed by program coordinator 

Two links that may be of assistance as you think through your prior work are the Early Childhood Advising Report in which all of the courses needed for the Early Childhood Program are listed and the Transfer Information System. You can use the TIS to see which credits will transfer to UW-Whitewater (those not listed on the articulation agreement). Another question that many will have is regarding the cost of the program - please see this page related to the cost of tuition.  Please note that UW-Whitewater has textbook rental but some classes will require the purchasing of a limited number of books - all others are rented through Textbook Rental and that cost is part of the tuition.