Room Rates


2018-19 Residence Hall Per Person Semester Rate

Room Type 2018-2019 Rate
Arey Double Room $2136.00
Arey Single Room $2701.00
Benson Double Room $2086.00
Benson Single Room $2651.00
Bigelow Double Room $2086.00
Bigelow Single Room $2651.00
Cambridge 1 bedroom(double occupancy) $2688.00
Cambridge 2 bedroom(double occupancy in both bedrooms) $2612.00
Cambridge 3 bedroom(double occupancy in 2 bedrooms) $2612.00
Cambridge Single room in 3 bedroom Apt. $3041.00
Clem Double Room $2086.00
Clem Single Room $2651.00
Fischer Double Room $2136.00
Fischer Single Room $2701.00
Fricker Double Room $2136.00
Fricker Single Room $2701.00
Knilans Double Room $2086.00
Knilans Single Room $2651.00
Knilans Triple Room $1818.00
Lee Double Room $2086.00
Lee Single Room $2651.00
Starin Suite $3102.00
Tutt Double Room $2086.00
Tutt Single Room $2651.00
Tutt Triple Room $1818.00
Wellers Double Room $2136.00
Wellers Single Room $2701.00
Wells East Double Room $2086.00
Wells East Single Room $2651.00
Wells East Design Single $2576.00
Wells West Double Room $2086.00
Wells West Single Room $2651.00
Wells West Design Single $2576.00

Summer Term Rate Starin Hall

Summer 2018 Weekly Housing Rate $120.00


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