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Teaching Online

Teaching online involves more than just transferring your in-class documents from print to digital form and learning how to put them up on D2L. The dynamics of an online course depend heavily on the way course material is organized and presented. While technology plays a major role in facilitating the mechanics of delivering a course online, the ultimate success depends on the interaction of all elements properly selected and integrated together.

Teaching Online Resources

AV Equipment & Media Technology

  • Faculty needing audio/video and media assistance should contact the LTC for consultation and production assistance.
  • AV Equipment Checkout
  • Contact for reservation.

Web 2.0 Technology

Quality Matters

The Learning Technology Center provides a central clearinghouse for online course submission for QM review. This service is available for all colleges on campus.

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Instructional Technology Presents

Workshops and training, presentations, discussion panels and other events are offered throughout the year by Instructional Technology Services. For the convenience of the university event materials are provided for reference.

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Faculty Technology Workshops

Held during Winterim and Summer, sponsored by the colleges and the LEARN Center, for faculty technology and instructional design development. Watch for announcement by the LTC before the end of the Fall and Spring semester.

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