Guest Access

A guest to UW-Whitewater is an individual visiting campus for a limited period of time who is provided limited access to campus resources as a matter of convenience. Those who have a contractual relationship with the University, or who require more comprehensive access to campus resources are not covered by this process please see the table below.

Guests to UW-Whitewater may access the campus wireless network, General Access Lab computers and lab printing using a special guest account. All guests to UW-Whitewater network resources must abide by the UW-Whitewater Network Usage Policy and Guest Access Policy.

Services Automatically Provisioned
Contact Area
Storage G:
Whitepages Visible
HawkCard ID
  • Non UW-Whitewater Faculty member teaching a course at UW-Whitewater without pay
  • Non UW-Whitewater Research scholar working with UW-Whitewater faculty without pay. For example, dissertation work.
Human Resources & Diversity
  • Guest attending conference at UW-Whitewater
  • Students attending Camps & Conferences at UW-Whitewater
Refer to Guest Access Service Request
  • International students who work with UW-Whitewater faculty (TA work, attend a class, etc.)
Registrar's Office
  • Non UW-Whitewater Person helping on the recruitment panel
  • Non UW-Whitewater Person approving timesheets
Human Resources & Diversity
  • Non UW-Whitewater Students Hired as student help
Human Resources & Diversity
Access to individual service by request only.
  • Consultant or a contractor providing services to UW-Whitewater
Human Resources & Diversity

If you have a need for additional services, other than the ones that are automatically provisioned, please request through the contact area.


Campus Visitors - If you are a visitor to campus, you may request a guest account in one of two ways.

UW-Whitewater Employees – If you are an employee who is bringing a visitor to campus, you may create a sponsor guest account for them. Log into the portal located at and complete the form. A guide located here will walk you through the steps on creating a sponsor wireless guest account. 

Event or conference organizers – If you are organizing a group event that includes a large number of attendees, you may request guest accounts in bulk using the portal located at A guide located here will walk you through the steps on creating a sponsor wireless guest account.