Guest Access

A guest to UW-Whitewater is an individual visiting campus for a limited period of time who is provided limited access to campus resources as a matter of convenience. Those who have a contractual relationship with the University, or who require more comprehensive access to campus resources are not covered by this process please see the table below.

Guests to UW-Whitewater may access the campus wireless network, General Access Lab computers and lab printing using a special guest account. All guests to UW-Whitewater network resources must abide by the UW-Whitewater Network Usage Policy and Guest Access Policy.

Services Automatically Provisioned
Contact Area
Storage G:
Whitepages Visible
HawkCard ID
  • Non UW-Whitewater Faculty member teaching a course at UW-Whitewater without pay
  • Non UW-Whitewater Research scholar working with UW-Whitewater faculty without pay. For example, dissertation work.
Human Resources & Diversity
  • Guest attending conference at UW-Whitewater
  • Students attending Camps & Conferences at UW-Whitewater
Refer to Guest Access Service Request
  • International students who work with UW-Whitewater faculty (TA work, attend a class, etc.)
Registrar's Office
  • Non UW-Whitewater Person helping on the recruitment panel
  • Non UW-Whitewater Person approving timesheets
Human Resources & Diversity
  • Non UW-Whitewater Students Hired as student help
Human Resources & Diversity
Access to individual service by request only.
  • Consultant or a contractor providing services to UW-Whitewater
Human Resources & Diversity

If you have a need for additional services, other than the ones that are automatically provisioned, please request through the contact area.


Campus Visitors - If you are a visitor to campus, you may request a guest account from the UW-Whitewater employee who is sponsoring your visit. Campus guests are also able to gain temporary access to campus Wi-Fi through a simple self-service process: (Note: ICIT is currently updating the campus's wireless network access system, the following self-service process may not yet be available for all devices)

  1. While inside the University Center, connect to the network named "UWWGuestAndSetup"
  2. Open the device's web browser and visit any webpage not affiliated with UW-Whitewater
  3. You will be redirected to a setup page, look for the "Don't have an account?" link
  4. Complete the registration process

UW-Whitewater Employees – If you are an employee who is bringing a visitor to campus, you may create a guest account for them. Simply log into the portal located at and complete the form. This guide will assist you with the process. 

Event or conference organizers – If you are organizing a group event that includes a large number of attendees, you may request guest accounts in bulk using the portal located at This guide will assist you with bulk guest account request process.