Net-ID and Account Management

UW-Whitewater students and employees are assigned a unique Net-ID. Your Net-ID functions as your username to access university technology resources.

  • Students receive their Net-ID when they apply to the university. The illustration below details student's access to services based on their student status
  • Employees receive their Net-ID when they are entered into the HR system. Once a Net-ID is created employees can start using campus services (e.g. email)

The first time you use your Net-ID, you will be prompted to answer security questions and will have to reset your password. Passwords expire every 180 days and you will receive email reminders to reset your password.

  • To activate or reset your password, visit
  • For more information on multi-factor authentication (MFA) for WINS users, visit the MFA page on the Registrar Office's website.

Student Services by Status

Student Status Prospect » Applicant » Admitted » Active » Complete »

Prospective Students
LifeTime Services

  • Net-ID
  • WINS
  • TouchNet
  • Students will have access when the application comes in. As long as the student is enrolled in one course, the service will not be removed.
  • If the application is denied, the student withdraws before enrolling or never enrolls, the services will be deprovisioned.


  • Email is provisioned when a student is admitted. As long as the student has terms active, email will remain active.
  • Email will be deprovisioned in February and September each year. This will allow all students to access their 1098T before the email is deprovisioned.
  • Notices will be sent prior to turning the service off.
  • Email service can be extended for graduates by signing up for Warhawk4Life.

Admitted Students
Active Student Services

  • Students have access to the services after their first term is activated. A student can tell the term is activated if they are able to enroll in courses for the term.
  • If a student has graduated, services will be removed after the last active term is complete and the degree is posted.
  • If the student is dismissed or discontinued, the services will be removed after the last active term. This will enable students with incompletes to maintain services while completing their courses.

Active Students
Enrolled Student Services

  • Students have access to these services the first day of their first term.
  • Suspended students are immediately removed from the Whitepages.
  • Student access will be removed after their last active term. If a student has a dismissed or discontinued status, the student will be removed if they are not actively enrolled in a course by the census date.
Completed Students
  • Students who have graduated or completed will receive all of the lifetime services listed above.
  • Alumni can sign up for Warhawk4Life to maintain their email account.

Need a  departmental or generic account created? 

Departments and organizations can request a Net-ID for campus services. Examples of departmental/generic accounts include and Departmental accounts are useful because ownership of the account can easily be transferred, even if the owner leaves the university. 

To request a departmental account, please contact the TSC Helpdesk at 262-472-HELP(4357) or via email at

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