Network Connectivity (Wired and Wireless)

Wired Connectivity

ICIT Wired Connectivity imageWired connectivity is the standard method of connecting stationary equipment such as desktop computers, printers, etc. to the campus network. Wired connectivity is provided for university owned equipment in academic and administrative buildings on campus and Innovation Center. Wired connectivity is provided to students in the residence halls through ResNET.

Jack Activation

UW-Whitewater employees can submit a request to activate, deactivate, move or install a network jack. Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) Helpdesk at 262-472-HELP (4357) or email and provide the following information: 

  • Contact name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Type of request (activation, move, or deactivation)
  • Building name and jack number(s). The jack number is noted on the jack in the wall, and typically begins with the letter "D". Network jacks typically use the colored jack
  • Each jack must be listed individually

There is no charge to move or deactivate a network jack. There is a $175 charge for a new jack activation. Requested network jacks will be activated within 3-10 business days.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless Connectivity IconWireless network connectivity is provided for convenience and mobility for laptops and other mobile devices. Wireless network access is available in all of the major academic and administrative areas, as well as outdoor areas on campus. Wireless is intended to augment the wired network and is not intended to replace a wired network connection for stationary equipment.

Wireless networking on campus is funded primarily through Student Technology Fee and focuses on providing general student access. For applications of wireless networking in instructional or administrative settings (classrooms or offices), please contact the TSC Helpdesk to initiate a consultation.

To request a new wired connection, activation of an existing wired connection, or to schedule a consultation on the application or use of wireless in your instructional or administrative are, please contact the TSC Helpdesk at 262-472-HELP(4357) or via email at

Connecting to UW-Whitewater Wireless

Below you will find step-by-step guides on how to connect your various devices to the UW-Whitewater Wireless Network.

Guests (12 hour access)

Guest wireless accounts are only available in 12 hours periods. After 12 hours, the guest account will expire and a new guest account must be created by going through the registration process. A wireless account created through the sponsor portal by a UWW employee is available for up to 3 days. After 3 days, a new sponsor wireless account must be created. 

UWW Staff and Faculty

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