PreCollege Programs

Reading for Success in Math & Science


Entering 6th through 11th grade by fall of the upcoming school year


  • Strengthen student skills in math and science
  • Expose students to careers in science, technology and mathematics
  • Expose students to research writing and development
  • Promote and increase student interest in reading in content areas
  • Strengthen interpersonal skills


  • Provide classroom instruction in academic areas
  • Introduce students to skill building technology in math and science
  • Experience career options through hands-on activities
  • Interact with college faculty and students
  • Experience a variety of cultures from historical and contemporary perspectives
  • Develop critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills


Students will:

  • Participate in personal and professional workshops and seminars
  • Engage in classroom instruction for a better understanding of oral, written, and listening communication
  • Visit area businesses and laboratories
  • Engage in collaborative work efforts and group presentations
  • Develop and present a group project on a topic or issues related to their cultures
  • Attend regional recreational and cultural activities

Click here to see a schedule for a typical day at Reading for Success Camp!