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Class Descriptions


  • A high and low-intensity cardio based, body weight workout that is designed to get your heart rate up and maintain it for 30 minutes.

Core Complete:

  • This FREE 15 minute abs class is open to everyone. A fun and challenging way to tighten and tone your tummy!


  • Come and get the workout of your life! This class is designed to push you to the limit of your cardiovascular fitness. Low-impact, but high intensity! Water bottles are required. Located in the University Fitness Center, basement of Wells Hall. Reservations are highly recommended. (60 minute format) *Call ahead to reserve a spot: 262.472.1260*

Group Strength:

  • New to strength training or looking to CHANGE UP your CURRENT ROUTINE? Group Strength offers a non-intimidating environment to help shape your body! (30 or 45 minute format)


  • A fun filled, action packed cardio based, total-body conditioning workout that provides a wide range of modifications for all levels of fitness. (30 minute format)


  • An athletic blend of Yoga, Pilates, strength conditioning, flexibility and dynamic balance movements and poses. (60 minute format)


  • Whether you are a beginner or an advanced stepper, this tried and true fitness staple uses basic to advanced step moves to challenge all levels of participants. (30 or 45 minute format)

Tabata Training:

  • Tabata is high intensity interval training that is completed in four minute segments, 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. This class is both cardio and strength based. (30 minute format)


  • This functional strength class offers a challenging and motivational environment to push your body to its limits! (60 minute format)

Total TRX®:

  • A TRX® class fused with Total Exhaust. This hour long discipline will focus on exercises with the TRX® trainer, high intensity intervals, and weight lifting to help your body receive the ultimate total body workout. (60 minute format)

Triple Threat

  • This new format combines 20 minutes of strength training, with 20 minutes of high intensity cardio and sport based movements, followed by 20 minutes of Yoga. (60 minute format)

TRX® Suspension Trainer:

  • TRX® leverages gravity and body weight, activating your core to help strengthen and increase range of motion throughout your body. *User's hands and feet are supported by a single anchor point while the opposite end of the body is in contact with the floor.* (60 minute format)


  • The most outrageously fun class that takes Kickboxing to a whole new level! Specially choreographed music and routines allow for an easy to learn workout that is challenging and upbeat. (45 minute format)


  • Connect your mind and body while promoting muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. "Lengthening while strengthening!" Namaste! (45 or 60 minute format, Yoga+is a 75 minute format)


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