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In-Session Business Office Hours for 2020 - 2021 
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Closed on State Holidays

Parking rates are determined by evaluating the cost of current and future facility needs, maintenance requirements, administration services, safety, and enforcement.  These costs are passed on as user fees to those who use the parking facilities.

All revenues collected through permit sales, daily permits, and parking citations are directly used to fund necessary maintenance projects, preparation of new parking facilities, salaries of staff, and to make payments on the debt service from previous parking projects.   In accordance with Wisconsin statutes, parking utilities on University of Wisconsin campuses are considered auxiliary enterprises, which means Parking Services must be a self-supporting enterprise.   The parking program is prohibited from using tuition or tax generated revenue.   By law parking funds can only be utilized for costs associated with parking, transportation, and security.

The Parking Services office accepts cash, check, credit card (MasterCard, VISA, or Discover).    We do not accept bills larger than $50 or coin payments over $2.00.   

If you are a student, payment for parking permits only can be billed to your student account.   Employees of the University (not students) may have the cost of the parking permit deducted from their payroll checks.  

From 5 pm Friday to 11 pm Sunday it is considered free parking on campus except when certain events are happening, then lots may be closed.  Parking on streets (Prince, Prairie, and Lauderdale) between the hours of 2 am and 5 am is prohibited at all times; including weekends.    There are nine (9) University recognized holidays that allow free parking on campus.   Parking will announce any additional unenforced timeframes through University media outlets.

New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve day.

Yes.   Parking Services enforces 24/7 all parking rules and regulations year-round, even when classes are not in session. 

No.   Parking Services enforces all parking rules and regulations year-round.   The same rules and regulations are enforced during exam schedules.

For the different types of permits we offer and the pricing, please visit our website at

Faculty and Staff are eligible for the Faculty/Staff (blue) permit or the North Commuter (brown) permit.   Students who are not living on campus, are eligible for either the North (brown) or South (orange) Commuter permit.   Students living in a residence hall on campus, are eligible for the Resident (yellow) permit in a lot that is located closest to their hall.    (NOTE: If that lot sells out, they are eligible to purchase a resident parking permit for the next lot closest to their hall).   For more detailed information, go to "Faculty/Staff" or "Student Parking" on our website.

Students purchasing a permit will have the option to pay with a credit card or have the amount transferred to their student bill.   If the payment is added to your student bill, payments will then need to be paid through the Cashier’s office located in Hyer Hall.

A registered permit holder who forgets their parking permit for a day, will be issued one free temporary permit per semester.   Any additional permits needed within that semester, will be charged $5.00.

No.   Due to the demand for parking permits, it is the best and fairest policy for our office to offer that permit to an individual on the established waiting lists.   It is illegal to resell, or offer for resale, at any price, UW-Whitewater Parking Permits.   Also, permits are associated with specific license plate numbers and if the permit does not match the license plate, the permit may be considered stolen and any vehicle displaying the permit may be ticketed, booted, or towed at owner’s expense.

You may be eligible to receive a prorated refund if you return the permit to Parking Services office and fill out the request for refund form.   Parking Services will then process that prorated refund.

Visitors should purchase a daily or weekly permit from the Parking Services office during office hours or after hours from the permit kiosk (located in the service drive behind the Visitor Center).   Hourly permits, up to 4 hours, can be purchased from the permit kiosk.   Students may purchase a permit on behalf of their guests.

In accordance with Residence Life policy a visitor staying as a guest in a resident hall may purchase parking for up to two consecutive nights.   The overnight visitor permit will only be valid to park in Lot 19.

You should call the Parking office during business hours or after business hours, call UW-W Police non-emergency number at 262-472-4660.   You will be instructed where to park for a limited time while enforcement goes through your lot to ticket violators and tow if necessary.

Unpaid tickets with Wisconsin plates are subject to late fees and after 78 days an additional fee of $10 is added and the license plate is referred to the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles.   The DMV suspends the registration for the vehicle with that license plate, and will refuse to renew registrations for vehicles with the same owner. 

Out of state plates after 78 days will have an additional $10 fee added and an invoice sent to registered owner of vehicle.  Any invoice not paid over 90 days will be sent to collections.

All citations must be appealed online at within five (5) days of when the citation was issued.    Any citation that is appealed and denied will be assessed a $10 processing fee.

Tickets may be paid online at, in person in the Parking Office (located in the Visitor Center), or mailed to our address, 826 W. Starin Road, Whitewater, WI 53190.    Please note, UW-Whitewater is not responsible for lost checks or cash that are mailed.

Paying Your Parking Ticket Video

Yes.    Students and Staff are able to pay for citations and daily permits using their Purple Points.

No.    Citations will not be transferred to your student bill.    They must be paid to avoid any late fees, possible license plate and vehicle registration suspension, or collection process.

For event parking information, please see the Parking website and choose “Event Parking.”

Signs will be posted at the entrance of the lots that will be closed, an announcement email will be sent to all staff and students, and the parking website will have information.   It is the staff’s and student’s responsibility to let their guests know of any closed parking lots to eliminate unwanted citations.

Coin operated meters have been removed from UW-Whitewater campus due to the cost of maintaining, the inefficiency of outdated equipment, and to make it more convenient for the patrons who visit the campus.   The coin operated metered stalls have been replaced with the Passport Parking App that you download to your smartphone and pay for short term parking through your phone.

The current rate is $0.25/15 minutes up to a 2 hour or 4 hour maxed time limit.   There is a $0.25 convenience fee that is added to your session.   If you need to extend your session, you will not be charged an additional convenience fee; it is a one-time fee for each new session.    NOTE:  You will not be able to extend any session once you have reached the maximum time limit.   The maximum time limit is 2 hours except for lot 11 which is 4 hour maximum time limit.

If you do not have a smart phone to download the Passport Parking App, visit the Parking Services office to purchase a daily permit, or stop at our parking permit kiosk (located in the service drive behind the Visitor Center) where you are able to purchase hourly parking permits up to 4 hours.

If you do not have a credit card, you will need to stop at the Parking Services office to purchase a daily permit.   We accept cash (nothing larger than $50 bills or coins over $2 will not be accepted) or check.

Parking in Lot 12 after 7 pm does not require a parking permit to allow for students and patrons to access the library however, parking in stalls with any type of sign is still not allowed.

Call the UW-Whitewater Police non-emergency number at 262-472-4660 and request an escort from our campus CSOs.    For more information, please visit the

Call UW-Whitewater Police non-emergency at 262-472-4660.    If your vehicle is on University Grounds, the University Campus Service Officers (CSO’s) can assist in unlocking or jump starting your vehicle.   For more information on Campus Service Officers, please visit the University Police website at

If your vehicle becomes stalled, stuck, or disabled on University property, contact the University Parking Services and Police immediately with the license plate number, vehicle information, and location of vehicle.   If the vehicle is not obstructing traffic or is not creating a hazard in any way, you will be given three (3) hours to move the vehicle before it is subject to a citation or tow.   If the vehicle is parked at a pay by space metered stall, the fee must be paid until vehicle is moved.

Yes.  A valid/current UW-Whitewater parking permit is required to park in any accessible parking stall on campus along with the handicap placard or disabled license plate.   This is required for students, staff, and visitors.

Lot 11 and 24 are available for patrons of the Williams Center or athletic events after 3 pm.   Inappropriate use or use unassociated with the Williams Center is still subject to citation.

Yes.   Parking in Lot 11 and 24 before 3 pm is still subject to all parking policies and Regulations; a permit or meter must be paid.