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Cornerstones, What is it?

Cornerstones for Success is a unique program that dispels myths about persons who have a disability and will show your students how they can be successful in and out of the classroom. We bring world class athletes who happen to have a disability to your school to "tell it like it is" about life with a disability. They will share with students the successes they have experienced both on and off the basketball court, and show how these experiences have benefited their overall lifestyle. Past presentations have served as motivation for many students throughout the Midwest by pointing out that everyone has challenges that must be overcome. This program will not only provide motivation to all students and faculty, it will be a CORNERSTONE in pointing out the road to SUCCESS.

Why Cornerstones?

In today's world of diversity, one of the fastest growing populations is people who happen to have a disability. Unfortunately there are many misconceptions about these individuals. These misunderstandings have played a role in creating a national unemployment rate of 70% for people with disabilities. However, UW-Whitewater graduates with disabilities are employed at a rate of 90-95%. This means that our presenters are successful in the classroom, in their athletic endeavors, and in the working world. As a result, our presentation will have a powerful, positive impact on your students. They will learn what it takes to be successful from presenters who have overcome many obstacles and have persevered throughout their lives.

Who is it for?

Our presentation is suitable for all age groups, as our presenters have performed in front of thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students across the Midwest. Evaluations from past presentations have indicated a high rate of satisfaction from students, as well as from faculty and staff. We will adapt the presentation to fit the needs of each school. The individuals presenting are college-aged student-athletes whom have the knowledge and willingness to address many issues concerning today's youth.

The Presentation

The Cornerstones for Success program consists of two parts. The first component will be a direct discussion about the lives and experiences of the student-athletes. During this component, the audience will have the opportunity to gain a more complete understanding of the lives of each presenter. Following a thorough explanation of each student-athletes' situation there will be a "no-holds barred" question and answer period during which the audience (students and faculty) will have an opportunity to gain knowledge about disabilities and become more comfortable with their presenters. This will allow the audience to relate more effectively with the presenters and to see them for their ability, rather than their disability. The second part of the presentation will be a demonstration. During this component, the presenters will show the fundamentals of Wheelchair Basketball. Following a brief demonstration, members from the audience will have a chance to use a basketball wheelchair and test their skills at shooting, dribbling, and passing from a wheelchair.

Bringing it to your school

The presentation needs an on-site coordinator to help with the logistics of the program. This can be anyone from an adminstrator, to a teacher, or an outside volunteer. It is the person that will be in contact with the "Cornerstones" Coordinator in setting up dates, times, etc. It is also this person's responsibility to secure the facility and payment for the event. For further information on how to bring "Cornerstones for Success" to your school, contact:

Cornerstones Coordinator

Christina Schwab

UW-Whitewater Rec Sports Department

(262) 472-3169


  • $395 for one session, plus travel expenses*
  • $345 per session for two or more sessions in one day, plus travel expenses*

*Travel expenses include a $100 van rental fee, and $0.67 per mile. When two or more schools in the area have presentations in the same day the travel expenses will be split between the schools.

All payments can be made to University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Wheelchair Athletics.

The UW-Whitewater Wheelchair Basketball Team uses this activity as its primary fundraiser during the year. All of the money raised through this program goes directly into programming for students and youths with disabilities involved in the Wheelchair Athletics and Recreational Program. 

What are My Next Steps?

Contact Christina Schwab via email or phone (see contact info above) to inquire about date and time availability. Once this has been set, a detailed contract will be sent to you directly. A $50 deposit will be requested prior to the scheduled event with the remainder being due on or before the actual presentation. 


"It was great how the kids were able to be involved. Super program!"
Jody Steinhaus--Lake Delton Elementary

"It was obvious that our students listened attentively, felt comfortable enough to ask questions, and enjoyed the wheelchair basketball games."
Jean Severson--Door County Community Programs

"We intend to ask you back on a regular basis. The entire program was outstanding. Faculty and Staff are still raving about it."
Mary Jo North--Yorkville Elementary School

"The presenters took some really personal questions and answered them honestly and completely."
Sylvia Delehantly--Country View Elementary

"The arrangements were easy to make. Correspondence was minimal, and the results were wonderful!"
Ken Brown--Washington High School (Two Rivers)



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