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The history of UW-Whitewater Wheelchair Athletics

Melvin Juette
PHOTO: Melvin Juette heading in for a lay-up at the NWBT 2001.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater established services for students that happen to have a disability in the early 1970s when a student showed up on campus in a wheelchair. His arrival forced campus to address accessibility and reasonable accommodation as it relates to facilities, transportation, programs, etc. The efforts to deal with these needs were headed by John Truesdale, who later was named Director of Disabled Student Services, a position he served in until about 2003. He also started the Adaptive Recreation program in 1973, and the wheelchair basketball team was born in result.

John Truesdale was also the first to coach the team for a couple of years, but then handed off these duties in the early ‘80s to Frank T. Burns. Burns was followed by Ron Lykins in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. In the early to mid ‘90s Mike Frogley coached the team until Tracy Chynoweth took over in 1998. After another ten years, in 2008, Jeremy Lade was named the new head coach and remains in this position today.

The women's team was started in 2008 and Dan Price is the only coach that program has ever known.

The men's team has won the Intercollegiate National Championship in
1982 - Frank Burns
1996 - Mike Frogley
1999 - Tracy Chynoweth
2003 - Tracy Chynoweth
2004 - Tracy Chynoweth
2005 - Tracy Chynoweth
2007 - Tracy Chynoweth
2009 - Jeremy Lade
2011 - Jeremy Lade
2012 – Jeremy Lade

The women’s team has won the Intercollegiate National Championship in
2012 – Dan Price
2013 – Dan Price

National Champions 2003
PHOTO: UW-Whitewater's National Champions of 2003.


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