Campus Living and Engagement

Our commitment to integrating sustainability in academics is important, but we realize that the "college experience" involves just as much outside of classroom activities that often have as much or more long-term impact on a student's life.  From the time they arrive on campus and go through our First Year Experience as an on-campus resident through their involvement in student organizations, volunteerism, and attending various campus events, our students are involved in creating a more sustainable culture on campus.  

Often, it is these experiences that provide valuable insight to how to accomplish projects and collaborate with others to solve our complex environmental, economic, and social challenges.  These experiences are integral to future success in society and we strive to explore any and all avenues for students to get more involved on campus, regardless of their particular background or academic interests.

To get more involved in sustainable campus living, taking the initiative to contact us is always the best first step.  Some of the most involved students in sustainability got started by asking a simple question:  "What are we doing to be more sustainable and how can I help?"

"Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching- even when doing the wrong thing is legal."

- Aldo Leopold

Students from SAGE plant a tree for Earth Day.