You pay a minimal segregated fee each semester to use the rental program here.  It is approximately $85 a semester.  This cost covers any books you check-out from Rental.  You will pay nothing at the Rental Checkout, but it is a paid for service included in your tuition and technically not "free".  

Not always.  While most of your books will be in Rental, some departments do have required purchases.  These purchases are typically: novels, access codes, lab manuals, or more expensive books with constantly changing content.

Rental works in two phases Check Outs and Returns, and if you're ever confused, please ask for help!

Checkouts: Students are responsible for finding their own books in Textbook Rental.  When you arrive have your Student ID and your Schedule with you.  You will need your Class Department, Course Number, and Section Number.  Example ENGLISH 101  05.  Our Shelves are arranged alphabetically by Department and then Numerically by Course Number.  Each book being used that semester will have a tag underneath it with the information you are looking for.  Match up your Department, Course, and Section and the book listed on the tag will be the one you need.  After gathering your books had for the registers so you can checkout using your Student ID.  Every book is individually barcoded and that exact text is assigned to your account at checkout, therefore you MUST have your Student ID to checkout.  Returns:  When you are returning your books ALWAYS check them in at the registers first.  If you do not check your books in, they will end up attached to your account and listed as "unreturned" resulting in late fees or even being fully charged to your account.  After checking your books in you will be given a receipt.  Double check that receipt to make certain all your books were scanned properly.  You must then re-shelve your books.  Return the texts to their proper place and in an orderly fashion.  If you can't find where something goes please ask!  

We have multiple ways to help you find a book you need.  Please ask for assistance if you can't find something.  That said, we can only provide the books for you that Professors let us know they are using.  This can cause a little confusion the first week of classes if a Professor has not informed Rental of their need.  Often we have the book in stock but have no way to know it is being used in your class.  Once you go to class and get your syllabus, which usually has exact titles on it, we can more readily help you.  We also do our best to make sure there are enough books for enrollment.  However enrollment changes and we do run short on a few titles every semester.  If we run out we will order you another book.  

Rental is an UNDERGRAD program only.  While the books used are often cross-listed for a Grad and an Undergrad class, graduate students do not pay the Segregated Rental fee in their tuition and are therefore ineligible for rental.  

Books are always due back the last day of the term.  Late fees start the following morning.  A general rule of thumb would be - The minute you finish your last final return your rentals.

Yes you can. There is a form on our website that will need to be filled out as thoroughly as possible.  Once submitted the in-store turn-around is usually less than 24 hours.  Shipping does have a minimal cost associated with it, and can take up to a week most places in the U.S.  We can, upon request, expedited shipping if the student is willing to pay the extra costs.  We DO NOT recommend International shipping.   

The five most common fees are:

Late Fees:  Late fees start the morning after the due date.  The fee is $20 for the first book and $2.50 for each additional book.

Unreturned Book Charge: 30 days after the due date any outstanding books will be billed out to the student.  This fee will be our replacement cost for the book.  You DO NOT want this to happen as the average cost of a semester's worth of books is $600. 

Dumped Book Charge:  It is the student's responsibility to reshelve their own textbooks.  Students often try to get around this responsibility by simply leaving their books in a pile or scattered about the Rental Department.  This carries a $5 fine per book.  The barcode on every book is attached to that student's ID.  It is a simple matter for us to scan the books and identify their owner.  Please don't dump your books, it is a headache for us and costs you money. 

Damaged Books:  If a book is returned damaged, the renter can be charged according to the damage the book has suffered.  Highlighting in a book is considered damage but doesn't incur a huge fine. Water damage and torn pages can render the book unusable, forcing us to charge the full replacement value. 

Shipping Charges:  When a student requests a book shipped, the shipping fee is charged to the student bill.  Students are also required to pay return shipping. 

Not often.  We do not like charging students for books, and we never do it to profit from our students.  When a student doesn't return a book on time Rental must purchase a replacement copy of that text in order to have enough copies for the next semester's students.

Dumped Books: We attempt to email every person attached to dumped books.  You then have the option to return to Rental and properly shelve your books instead of paying the fine.

Damaged Books: Damaged books are what they are.  Depending on what caused the damage you may be able to include them in an insurance claim.  Unfortunately, rental must charge you for them, and you'll have to get your money back in the claim.                   

Late Charges: Late fees can be reversed when there is a serious life event such as a death in the family, hospitalization, or other traumatic events.  Things like moving, leaving campus early, vacations, or having someone else return your book(s) are not acceptable reasons for reversals. 

Unreturned Books: These charges work similarly to late fees and damaged books, and are rarely reversed.  Lost, mixed up, stolen books, etc. do not qualify for a reversal of charges.  The renter is responsible for making sure that the exact books they rented are returned on time.          


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