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Friday, March 1, 2024 (8:30am-3:30pm)


The Academic Advising and Exploration Center and 2023-2028 UW-W Strategic Plan will present the second annual Warhawk Success Conference on Friday, March 1st in the UW-Whitewater University Center. This conference is designed for UW-Whitewater staff and faculty and will focus on strategies to support student success and increase cross-campus relationships and collaborations.

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The conference will feature a keynote speaker, breakout sessions, a lunch and learn, and more! Registration is required and space will be limited.

 Registration for this event is now closed.

All sessions will be held in the UW-Whitewater University Center. 

Time Session
8:30-9:00am Check-In & Refreshments: UC 275
9:00-9:50am Welcome & Keynote
10:00-10:45am Breakout Sessions
10:55-11:40am Breakout Sessions
11:45am-12:45pm Lunch & Campus-Wide Initiatives/Strategic Plan Updates
12:45-1:15pm Student Perspective on Success Panel
1:25-2:25pm Hot Topic Breakout Sessions
2:35-3:20pm Breakout Sessions
4:00pm Networking

2024 Warhawk Success Conference Keynote

Dr. Jill Mallin

Dr. Jill Mallin received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in 2007 from the University of Akron and has been working as a licensed psychologist since that time. In her role as a therapist, Dr. Mallin worked at UW-Whitewater for almost fourteen years, providing therapy to university students on campus. In 2020, she opened her own clinical practice at Hidden Path Counseling, where she currently supports adolescents and adults with their mental health. Dr. Mallin specializes in treating those with eating disorders and also is contracted by the UW-Madison athletic department to work with their student athletes.

Breakout Sessions

Academic Success Through Collaboration: Meeting Students Where They Are At
Cole Kallio-Crotteau, Amanda Krier-Jenkins
Students living on-campus are constantly seeking easier ways to connect with faculty and staff throughout the year. With the academic initiatives within University Housing and the re-ignition of the University Housing Academic Success Center, learn more about how we can collaborate and meet residents where they are at (literally)!

Career-readiness Skills Developed Through an Undergraduate Research Ecosystem Model: A Case Study
Prajukti (Juk) Bhattacharyya
Communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills are among the top cognitive competencies employers seek. Participation in mentored undergraduate research can help students develop these skills. This presentation will share a learning ecosystem model on campus where students and mentors from unrelated disciplines work collaboratively to address real-world challenges and describe the competencies and skills students gain as a result.

Collaborating with a Branch Campus to Enhance Warhawks' College Experiences
Keith Malueg, Dr. Kim Kostka
In this session, attendees will learn how the UW-Whitewater at Rock County campus has been collaborating with UW-Whitewater departments to provide on-campus housing, free transportation for all Warhawks with the Warhawk Shuttle, and UW-Whitewater classes at the UW-Whitewater at Rock County campus. Attendees will also learn of potential opportunities to collaborate with the UW-Whitewater at Rock County campus to enhance student life and academics for all Warhawks.

Helping Students Through Adversity
Kristin Fillhouer, Veronica Warren
This session will give staff and faculty an opportunity to walk through scenarios and give participants the opportunity to talk about how they have responded in those situations. Facilitators will provide suggestions on best practices and help participants learn about campus resources that can assist in the process.

Setting Healthy Boundaries
Dr. Jill Mallin
Boundary setting is essential to effectively managing your personal and professional life. Learn how setting boundaries can help you feel better emotionally and physically, and help students with their own learning. We will have the opportunity to discuss specific challenges based on your role, and think about how to apply this across your life.

Shared Governance Impact on Student Success
Jan Bilgen
As outlined in our system's founding, the concept of "shared governance" is central to the shaping of the Warhawk experience - typically very much behind the scenes. This session will provide context, outline structure and develop ways that shared governance can be harnessed even more for success. Panel will also allow folks to meet people positioned to support efforts - especially of collaboration.

Show Me the Data! How to Use Institutional Data to Accomplish Your Goals
Laura Vanderlinden
Data is a powerful tool that – if used correctly – can help us accomplish our institutional projects and goals. But what institutional data is available? And how can it be used? In this session, you will learn what institutional data is available, where to find it, and how to interpret to support your goals in advocating student success.

The Impact of Library Cross-Campus Collaborations on Student Success
Melanie Jones, Jennifer Motszko, Rebecca Paulraj
This presentation will highlight partnerships between librarians at Andersen Library and faculty in COBE and the History Department. Librarians played integral roles in courses offered by both programs: Rebecca Paulraj, Business Librarian, was embedded in BEINDP 101, and Jennifer Motszko, Archivist, met with history students for required one-on-one research consultations. Learn about the results of both partnerships before the floor opens up for a larger discussion and questions.

Using Navigate to Support Students in the Classroom
Professor Ken Brosky, Nathan Callope
Whether you’re teaching one course or have a full teaching load, this session is for you! Join Professor Ken Brosky for a session about how he has used Navigate to support his students’ success and the impact it has had on his classroom. Navigate Administrator, Nathan Callope, will also demonstrate how to maximize impact by using various features of the platform at key points throughout the semester. We will review a recommended intervention calendar, alerts, what students see, and the new “Instructor Office Hours” functionality.

Hot Topic Session Themes

Belonging & Transition
Supporting Classroom & Academic Success

Registration for this event is now closed. Registration is required and space is limited. 

Questions? Please contact Jessica Stein (, Amanda Krier-Jenkins (, or Paige Ringelstetter (

Success Conference Planning Committee Members
Jessica Stein (co-chair)
Amanda Krier-Jenkins (co-chair)
Paige Ringelstetter
Sarah Seitz
Tim Shields
Ali Haase
Keith Malueg
Amy Menzel
Kim Clarksen
John Dominguez
Cole Kallio-Crotteau
Dana Wagner
Jillian Zielinski
Sarah Laudolff

Academic Advising and Exploration Center
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To access conference presentations and other conference materials, please click here. You will need to log into your UW-Whitewater Google Drive with your NetID and password in order to access these materials. If you have any questions, please contact Paige Ringelstetter

2023 Conference Agenda

Dr. Shelley Price-Williams
Shelley Price-Williams, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Postsecondary Education at the University of Northern Iowa. She holds two decades of experience in student and academic affairs spanning program development and management as well as academic advising, career counseling, and assessment. Dr. Price-Williams serves on several editorial boards to include the NACADA Journal and the Journal for Student Affairs Research and Practice. She serves as senior co-editor for the text series Identity & Practice in Higher Education-Student Affairs by Information Age Publishing. Dr. Price-Williams’ research interests center on non-cognitive factors of college student transitions and persistence and organizational justice and structural equity. She teaches courses on integrating theory with practice, professional helping in student affairs, administration and finance, higher education law, and research design and assessment. Join Dr. Price-Williams for the Keynote presentation: Advancement of Student Success: Cross-Collaboration for Supporting Today’s College Student

Purposeful Partners: Engaging with Family Members to Support Student Success
Dr. Beth John (Facilitator), Andy Browning, Marie Hornickel, Dr. Susan Johnson, Jessica Stein, Dr. Veronica Warren
Session 1
Family members can play a pivotal role in student success. The purpose of this session is to discuss best practices for engaging and supporting families. You'll have the opportunity to learn from a few UW-Whitewater departments on how they are engaging and partnering with families.

Strategies for Increased Learning & Engagement in the Classroom
Dr. Tara Schmidt
Session 1
In this session, attendees will learn best learning strategies and practices that promote student success, that enhance student engagement, and that increase student's motivation inside and outside of the classroom. The presentation will focus on research-based note-taking strategies, the most effective ways for students to read to understand (any text!), and strategies to develop and promote student accountability. Attendees will also learn time-management techniques that they can share with their students, so students can efficiently keep up with their course-work and can reduce their stress.

Culturally Effective Advising: Competencies  for Supporting Historically Underserved College Students
Dr. Shelly Price-Williams, Dr. Michael Lango
Session 2
In higher education, historically underserved students often experience characterization of inferiority, bias, microaggressions, and tokenism as unjust experiences. The focus of this session is on culturally effective advising and helping in the promotion of student success. Participants will have an opportunity to expand on their development of cultural competence as a way to support the success of underserved students.

"Navigate-ing" Student Success
Nathan Callope, Jessica Stein
Session 2
Navigate is a student success platform that UW-Whitewater launched in 2020. This session will review common concerns students experience in college and how Navigate is used to identify students of concern and offer support. You do not need Navigate access to attend this session!

Lunch Resource 6x5 Presentations
CARE Team, Fostering Success & Independence, Mental Health Resources, Warhawk Emergency Fund, Student Activities & Involvement, Rock County Support Services

Advising Warhawks to Success
Session 3
Dr. Michael Lango (Facilitator), Dr. Kathy Brady, Dr. Zach Oster, Stacy Randall, Tayana Tornes, Nicole Weber, Amy Zelinger
Faculty and staff from across UWW will share their experiences advising students. They will share the challenges and successes their students often experience, as well as discuss the resources they use to support student success.

TRIO & SDES Support Programs at UW-Whitewater
Cheta Agwoeme, Dave Carlson, John Dominguez, Pam Nowak-Warren
Session 3
Join staff from Student Diversity, Engagement, & Success to learn about TRIO and other support programs that UW-Whitewater offers. These programs support students that identify with one or more of the following: first-generation, low-income, having a disability, and/or from an underrepresented population as specified by the grant. Our programs support students to and through college; from high school to grad school!

Campus Success Resources Packet


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