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The following lots have short term parking through the Passport Parking App:

Lots:  1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 12A, 13, 14, Hyer parking lot, Koshkonong Drive, and Lauderdale Drive.     

Maximum time limits are 2 hours except for Lot 11 which is a 4 hour maximum time limit.   

Once you reach the maximum time limit of  2 or 4 hours in a space, you will need to physically move your vehicle to another open space and pay the fee.   In addition, there is an 8 hour lockout period for the space you have already parked and paid fees; if you parked and paid for the maximum time limit in a space earlier in the day, you will be unable to park in that space again for 8 hours.   

Don't have a smartphone, we also offer hourly parking permits through our permit kiosk (located in the service drive behind the Visitor Center)  with the following rates:

1 hour      $1.65
2 hours $3.05
3 hours $4.45
4 hours $5.85

The hourly and daily permits are valid in commuter parking lots except between the hours of 2 am to 5 am.   They are not valid in parking stalls with any type of signs.  Signs may read "Restricted", "Reserved", or "Passport". 

Permits needed for overnight parking may be purchased at Parking Services during business hours or from the permit kiosk located behind the Visitor Center in the service drive.   These overnight permits are valid to park only in Lot 19 and are issued for periods not to exceed one week.