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UW-Whitewater knows you are capable of succeeding and reaching your goals. Sometimes you might need a little extra help... and that's where we come in! This site is dedicated to help you identify new strategies to help you succeed. 

First, let's start with some general basics:

It's also important to recognize the differences between in-person learning and remote/online learning and adapt your methods. Let's cover some basics of being successful in a remote/online learning setting:

  • Communicate often. Reach out to your instructors, campus staff, mentors, and classmates. Ask for feedback and clarification. Find a study group through Navigate’s Study Buddies feature.
  • Stick with what works. Keep using what works and find tools or processes that fit you. Just because something works for someone else, doesn’t mean it will for you. Stay consistent and don’t switch to new tools or processes every day or week; this can add unnecessary stress and confusion.
  • Keep a schedule. Stick to consistent times for working and connecting with classmates and instructors. Schedules provide consistency - determine specific times to read chapters, start drafting papers, studying for exams, etc.
  • Stay motivated. Set clear goals and work with your academic advisor or a success coach to set individual or academic goals for working remotely. Communicate these goals with others around you. Don’t forget to celebrate or reward what you’ve accomplished!
  • Recognize the emotional impact. Provide yourself an opportunity to reflect. Be honest with instructors and yourself! Remote learning is a lot to take in all at once. Share your remote learning experience with peers and instructors – there can be strength in numbers, especially when offering support and encouragement to one another!

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Looking for some additional assistance? Meet with a Success Coach! Success Coaching offers students support and guidance with navigating college life and beyond. We do this by providing individualized meetings and tools so that you can excel academically, personally, socially, and professionally. To make an appointment with a Success Coach, go to and click on Appointments. Select Advising, then Student Success Coaching, and follow the prompts to make an appointment. Otherwise, contact the Academic Advising & Exploration Center for assistance.