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Alumni Mentor Program

For Students

You might make a good student mentee if:
  • You are willing to take the initiative to connect with your mentor regularly
  • You are eager for ways to further your career opportunities, through job shadowing, networking, advice from experience professionals
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Alumni Mentor Program Handbook

For Alumni

You might make a good Alumni Mentor if:
  • You want to make a real difference in a UW-Whitewater student's life
  • You are in a position to open networking and recruiting doors for the next generation
  • You are looking for a way to strengthen your ties to the University
  • You are willing to gain a fresh perspective and new experiences as a coach, tutor, advisor, and supporter
  • Read more of our recommendations for mentors

Alumni Mentor Program Handbook

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"Being a mentor gives me an opportunity to share what I have learned and advice I received during my career. It's rewarding for me to help students at my alma mater prepare to enter the work force, explore careers, and create good work habits at this critical stage in their lives to achieve career success." -Floyd J. Bellman '80, alumni mentor
"My mentor has given me the tools to help me prepare for my future goals, which gives me the confidence I need to succeed in my career. This program has encouraged me to open bigger doors and get more involved on campus." -Matthew Jump, student mentee
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