Support for Adult Students

Support for Adult Students

Adult Student Coordinator

Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith, Student Services Coordinator key responsibility is to provide one-on-one attention to encourage and coordinate support for you as an adult learner. She is an advocate and resource for all adult students on campus. Some of the valuable services she can provide you include:

  • Support services to meet your unique needs as an adult student and help to enhance your experience at UW-W.
  • Programs and services that help you connect to the campus community such as Plan-It-Purple orientation/registration and advising program.
  • Guidance and support to assist you with the transition while understanding you have other responsibilities such as employment and family obligations.

" You might like to know that in 2007, I too was a nontraditional student learning to juggle working full time, raising kids, and attending school on the weekends. I remember well the challenges of being in your shoes, and know those fears that creep into your thinking. I would like to offer my words of encouragement. It is truly never too late to go back to school. Hopes, dreams, and goals can be obtained at any age." - Lynn Smith

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit to the campus please call 262-472-1619 or toll free 888-308-3151. You may also e-mail adult student services at or Lynn at  The Adult Student Coordinator is located in Roseman 2017.

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Organizations, Programs and Blogs

Young College Parents Organization

Join other parents who attend college and balance their role as a parent too. For further information, contact Young College Parents is a support group for students who have children. 


Adult Student Connections Organization

Adult Students Connections is a great opportunity for anyone interested in connecting with other adult/non-traditional students on campus. We are dedicated to supporting each other on our educational journeys. We communicate by email and Facebook, and would love to have you join us.

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   A peer mentor can:

  • Answer questions of all kinds
  • Help you adjust to the university
  • Alleviate some start-up anxiety
  • Provide referrals to resources

To be matched with a mentor, please complete the application form  Online Application Form.

Gathering Locations

The Non Trad Pad is located near the Career and Leadership Offices, past the bay of computers and Bailey Interview Center. It is tucked in the corner near the fireplace. Stop in for as little or as long as your busy schedule allows. It is casual and a fun way to meet other nontraditional students on campus.

Helpful Documents

Non-Traditional Student Handbook

The Top 10 Things You Ought To Know


Roseman 2017
800 W. Main St.
Whitewater, WI 53190

Contact Information

Lynn Smith, Student Services Coordinator
Phone: 262-472-1619