Career & Leadership Development

Training Opportunities

Safe Zone Training Safe Zone image

This 2-3 hour workshop provides participants with the skills and knowledge to create safer environments for LGBTQ people. The curriculum includes: learning about gender as a spectrum, core LGBTQ vocabulary, privilege and oppression, and on campus scenarios.

LGBTQ* Peer Educators LGBT Peer Educator logo

The LGBTQ* Peer Educator program is designed to bring education around LGBTQ equity to students in classroom environments. Undergraduate students trained in diversity facilitation blend national data about LGBTQ justice with personal experiences.

Pronoun Workshop Pronoun cartoon

This 30-45 minute interactive workshop offers a brief introduction to gender inclusive language and pronouns. Participants will leave with concrete tips for making their spaces more inclusive and welcoming.

LGBTQ 101 Workshop

This 2-3 hours workshop is designed as an introduction to LGBTQ+ student life and national trends, intended to increase participants’ capacity and comfort supporting LGBTQ+ students. Participants will learn about the differences among sex, gender, and sexuality, explore the rich, evolving language of LGBTQ+ identities, and practice using gender inclusive pronouns.

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