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Exchange programs allow for the reciprocal exchange of students: UW-Whitewater students study abroad at the partner university, while students from the partner university come to UW-Whitewater.

Exchange programs operate on a "tuition exchange" basis: participants pay their home university's tuition while studying at the partner university.

Most of UW-Whitewater's exchange agreements are university-wide and open to all majors. The number of exchange places available at a particular partner university varies from year to year and depends on the balance of incoming and outgoing students of the exchange program, so some exchange opportunities may be competitive.

Exchange programs are generally offered for a semester or year, although some partners may also offer summer or winterim options.

Exchange programs demand a high level of maturity and independence, since participants are considered fully-integrated visiting students at the partner university and must adapt to a new academic, cultural, and possibly linguistic, environment without the additional support of a study abroad provider.

The level of support offered at the host university may vary from program to program: some offer airport pick-up, extensive orientation programs, guaranteed pre-arranged accommodation, and activities and excursions for exchange students, while others may not. If you would like to discuss if a particular exchange program is right for you, please schedule an advising appointment with a Global Experiences Coordinator by calling 262-472-5759.

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