Madison's Nuestro Mundo Dual-Language Immersion School in Madison

In an exciting new partnership, UW-Whitewater's Bilingual Education Program and Madison's Nuestro Mundo Dual-Language Elementary School are teaming up! Through this partnership, Nuestro Mundo students, families, and staff have easy access to university resources; and, UW-Whitewater Bilingual & ESL licensure candidates have the opportunity to...Click here for more information.

Dual Language Immersion Program in Beloit

The School District of Beloit offers a Dual Language Immersion  Program in three of its schools at the 4K-3rd grade level: Hackett, Robinson, and Todd Elementary Schools,  as well as at the 4th to 6th grades at Aldrich, Cunningham, Fruzen, and McNeel Intermediate Schools.    This program follows a two-way immersion model, which not only gives students whose first or dominant language is Spanish the support they need to access the curriculum in a more compreshensive manner, but also gives students whose first of dominant language is not Spanish an opportunity to learn the language while still learning the gradel-level curriculum.  UW-Whitewater Bilingual & ESL licensure candidates have the opportunity to learn from this curring-edge, highly effective form of Bilingual Education through field study, student teaching placements, and course assignments...Click here for more information.