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UW-Whitewater LIFE Program

About the Program:

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater LIFE (Learning is for Everyone) program will provide a complete college experience for young adults between the ages of 18-25 who have an intellectual disability. With ample supports, specialized instruction, on-campus residential living, and community integration, the program serves a critical need in our region and community. The program will have two components, which includes a Basic Program (2 years) and an Advanced Program (2 years) that are designed to facilitate independent living and employment success for persons with significant cognitive limitations. Brief highlights of the program are as follows.

Program Mission: LIFE

  • Prepare students for competitive employment
  • Prepare students for independent living
  • Prepare students to live a healthy & balanced lifestyle
  • Exposure to a complete college experience

Program Highlights

  • Comprehensive supports that are designed to prepare them for competitive employment and independent living to the greatest extent possible
  • Specialized instruction, with an emphasis on skills that students need in order to be successful in personal and professional endeavors
  • Expansive resident assistant supports designed to help students develop essential skills in non-academic domains
  • Expose students to a college experience, which spans far beyond traditional academics
  • Integration with multiple facets of campus life, thereby providing many inclusive opportunities and meaningful networks of support
  • Dismantles barriers and creates substantive opportunities for students with an intellectual disability
  • Prepares students to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, including regular exercise and participation in enjoyable leisure activities

Please contact  262-472-1905 if you have a student interested in this program.

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Students who complete this program will receive a certificate of completion, rather than a degree from the university.




First Graduating Class of LIFE


Prepare students for competitive employment, independent living, to live a healthy & balanced lifestyle, and expose students to a complete college experience.

Licensed special educators.

Completion of LIFE application, which includes high school transcript, results from a physical examination, documentation of intellectual disability, proof of health insurance, three letters of recommendation, and a recent photo.

Students receive a certificate of completion from the university (not a degree).

Both the Basic Program and Advanced Program are 2 years

Information on scheduling campus tours can be found at:

LIFE students are eligible for Federal Financial Aid as well as the use of IRIS benefits/self-directed funds.

If students have a legal driver’s license, they are allowed to have a car on campus. Campus permits are required to park and can be purchased through parking services. More information can be found here:

The LIFE program is a residential program where students are required to live on-campus in a residence hall.