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Lucinda Heimer

  • Department(s): Curriculum & Instruction
  • Office Location: Winther Hall 3033
  • Phone: (262) 472-5802
  • Email:
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McClellan Endowed Teacher of Distinction Award
Administrative Fellowship, College of Education and Professional Studies, UW-W 2017-2018

Instructor for:
EDUINDP 250: Race and Racism in Schools 
EDUINDP 320: Integrated Curriculum 3-5 Year Olds
EDUINDP 452: Integrated Curriculum 6-8 Year Olds
EDUINDP 212: Children and Families in a Diverse Society
EDUINDP 323 & 332: Reflective seminar (Identity, Culture and Social Justice)
EDUINDP 441: Preschool Field Supervision
EDUINDP 331: Infant/Toddler Field Supervision
EDUINDP 443: Kindergarten Field Supervision
EDP 461/462/465: 1st/2nd Grade Inclusive and Special Education Supervision
EARLYCHD 711, Early Childhood Education: From Theory to Practice
EARLYCHD 713, Trends in Curriculum for the Preschool/Primary Child
EARLYCHD 714, Current Issues in Early Childhood Education
CIFLD 793, Practicum (Elementary)

Educational Background:
Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin - Madison
M.S. Education, Old Dominion University, Virginia
B.S. Business, Indiana University - Bloomington

Research Interests:
Race, culture and identity in early education; integrating early childhood curriculum;  critical theoretical perspectives; culturally relevant pedagogy; policy issues of equity and access in early education.

Professional Experience:
Wheelock College, Assistant Professor
UW-Madison, Lecturer
Tenney Nursery and Parent Center, Director
UW- Preschool Lab, Director
Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe School, Classroom Teacher

Select Publications:

  • Heimer, L. & Ramminger, A. (2020). Reshaping Universal Preschool:  Critical perspectives on power and policy. Teachers College Press, NY:NY.

  • Heimer, L., Caya, L., Lancaster, P., Saxon, L., & Wildman, C. (2019). Nations within a nation: Cross-cultural insights in an Anishinaabe context. Global Education Review. 6(3). 65-83.

  • Michael-Luna, S., Heimer, L. & Grey, L. (2019). Unpacking the tensions in open-ended preschool curriculum: Teacher agency, standardization and English learners in creative curriculum and high/scope. In Curriculum in Early Childhood:  Reexamined, Rediscovered, Renewed, 2nd Edition. File, N., Mueller, J., & Wisneske, D. (Eds.), Routledge.

  • Johnson, E.C. & Heimer, L. (2016). Race and racism: Preservice teachers’ perspectives and reflections. In T. Hubbard (Ed.), But I don't see color: The perils, practices, and potentials of anti-racist education. Boston: Sense Publishers.

  • Heimer, L. & Winokur, J. (2015). Preparing teachers of young children: How an interdisciplinary curriculum approach is understood, supported and enacted among students and faculty. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education. Vol. 36(4), pp. tbd.
  • Heimer, L. & Klefstad, E. (2015). It’s not really a menu because we can’t pick what we want to do”: Content integration in kindergarten contexts. Global Studies of Childhood, 5 (3) pp. 239-254.
  • Devore, S., Fox, R., Heimer, L. & Winchell, B. (2015) Meeting in the circle: Examining identity, attitudes, and pedagogy in the context of an early childhood teacher education program in the United States. Early Years: an International Research Journal,

Grant Funding:

Wisconsin Early Childhood Association on behalf of T.E.A.C.H. ECE WI 2015- 2017 
Three grants totalling $75,000

Funded to update the previously developed articulation agreement with the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Community College associate’s degree program in early childhood education. This collaborative project will help build accessible, affordable college options for students seeking early childhood degrees. Funded to develop a hybrid model of delivery for students to achieve a bachelor’s degree through UWW ECE.