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Veronica Soria-Martinez
Assistant Professor

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Verónica Soria-Martínez focuses on visual culture and sonic arts. She holds Ph.D. and Master’s degree in Visual Arts and Intermedia from Polytechnic University in Valencia, Spain. From 2014 to 2018 she worked in an art collective (Cràter) that focused on community projects and public site interventions in Spain. A portion of her research can be read in English at “Resounding Memory: Aural Augmented Reality and the Retelling of History”, Leonardo Music Journal n. 27 (MIT Press), and has been presented at state, national and international conferences. Martínez has exhibited internationally at Museu de Belles Arts, Castellón, Spain; Ausblick Privat in Meiningen, Germany; Art Públic, Universitat Pública in Valencia, Spain; and Rockford Art Museum, to name a few. She has taught Visual Arts and Technical Theatre at Rockford Public Schools, as well as new media at New Genres Art Space, and Art Education at Rockford University. Martínez's research interests include sound art and music, audio and visual cultures, art education, digital and interactive art, and critical theory.