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All competencies should be represented in the capstone portfolio, with relevant classwork connected to each competency. Each competency will also be covered in practicum projects. 

  • Collection Development, Organization and Access
    • Courses covered: Finding and Using Information Organizing Information, Library Administration, Children's Literature, Young Adult Literature
  • Technology
    • Course covered: Digital Tools
  • Administration 
    • Courses covered:  Library Administration, Leadership
  • Information Literacy and Teaching  
    • Course covered:  Information Literacy
  • Reading and Literacy 
    • Courses covered: Children's Literature, Young Adult Literature

Wisconsin Library Media Specialist Licensure Program Content Guidelines from DPI

  • Collection development, organization and access
  • Technology
  • Library administration, policies, structure and laws, budgeting, financial management, and resource sharing
  • Community needs assessment, programming, and marketing
  • Other (e.g., literature and reading)