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The Library Media Program at UW-Whitewater offers a range of undergraduate and graduate courses for the purpose of 1902 licensure, a minor in library media, a master's degree, or for continuing education. Many can be taken at the graduate or undergraduate level.

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For undergraduate minors, courses meet face to face one evening a week. One of the minor courses is currently only available through UWSSLEC. Before taking this courses, minors will need to get permission from the program director. Post baccalaureate and graduate students can enroll in the face to face courses as well.

Post baccalaureate and graduate students enrolled in UWSSLEC, should consult the UWSSLEC website for the full rotation of 1902 courses offered through the cooperative. 

Courses are offered at both the graduate and undergraduate level. 


Semester Offered

LIBMEDIA 350/756

Finding and Using Information / Virtual Libraries

Spring on even years

LIBMEDIA 451/651

Organizing Information

Fall on odd years

LIBMEDIA 434/634

Digital Tools for Learning

Spring on odd years

LIBMEDIA 440/752

Information Literacy / Design of Curriculum for Inquiry

Spring on odd years

LIBMEDIA 454/654

Library Administration

Fall on even years

LIBMEDIA 455/751

Leadership and Administration of Library and Technology Programs / Librarians as Leaders

Spring on even years through UWSSLEC

ELEMMID 362/562 or CIGENRL 365/565

Children’s Literature

Usually Fall and Spring, sometimes Summer

ENGLISH 310/510

Literature for Adolescents

Usually Spring

School Library Methods

(required for initial license post bacc and graduate students only)

Every Fall through UWSSLEC

Pre Student Teaching

(taken with Methods)

Every Fall

School Library Practicum

Offered every semester as needed

Public Library Administration Practicum

Offered every semester as needed

School Library Student Teaching

Offered every semester as needed